Camozzi Automation S.p.A. of Brescia at COMPAMED 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Camozzi Automation S.p.A.

Via Eritrea, 20/I, 25126 Brescia
Telephone +39 030 37921
Fax +39 030 2400464

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Janos Hungar

Area Manager


+39 030 37921


Sergey Arfikian

Head of Application Center

Russian Federation

+7 (495) 786 65 85


Håkan Tall

Business Development Fluid Control


+46 (0)70 522 25 86


Luo Qian

Business Development Fluid Control


+86 21 59100999


Daniele Giorgi

Business Development Fluid Control


+39 030 37921


Steffen Döhring



+49 7161 91010-0
+49 174 6904261


Ralf Friedrich

Vertrieb / Fachberatung


+49 7161 91010-0
+49 171 6281767


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.02  Plastics processing
  • 01.02.01  Injection molding

Injection molding

  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.16  Laboratory technologies
  • 02.16.02  Laboratory automation

Laboratory automation

  • 04  Manufacturing equipment
  • 04.06  Automation, robotics
  • 04  Manufacturing equipment
  • 04.08  Dosing
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.02  Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic actuators

  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.03  Linear technology
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.07  Filters
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.12  Tubings and tubing equipment

Tubings and tubing equipment

  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.13  Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Our products

Product category: Valves

Series CP directly operated and pressure compensated proportional solenoid valves

Series CP directly operated proportional solenoid valves can be used where an open loop flow control is required, with gas mixtures or to control flows. Their cartridge design makes them particularly compact, thus they can be mounted directly near the workstation.
Series CP valves have been designed to optimize dimensions and reduce friction and stick-slip effects. The output flow is proportional to the control signal. Apart from the pressure compensated version, these valves can work also in vacuum. A minimum working pressure is thus not required.


  • High flow and great precision
  • Low hysteresis
  • Cartridge body
  • Pressure compensated version (size 20mm only) available
  • Suitable to work also with oxygen

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Product category: Valves

Series AP directly operated proportional valves

Series AP directly operated 2/2-way proportional solenoid valves, NC, with nominal diameters range from 0.8 to 2.4
mm, can be used where an open loop flow control is required, with gas mixtures, to control free flows or blows, or emptying
chambers using vacuum.
Series AP proportional valves have been manufactured to optimize and reduce friction and stick-slip effects. The output
flow is proportional to the control signal. As they can work also in vacuum, a minimum working pressure is not required.


  • PWM or current operation
  • Open loop flow control
  • Also suitable for use with vacuum

Several versions available:
  • with body in PVDF (size 16mm only),
  • with rear flanged bodies
  • with lower flanged bodies,
  • suitable for use with oxygen
  • Seals in FKM, NBR and EPDM

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Series TC Pressure Microregulators

The Series TC pressure regulator has been designed to be used for all the applications and equipment where it is needed to
insert the single component in customized integrated pneumatic circuits (manifolds) or collectors. The cartridge design and the compact size allow the regulator to be plugged in a proper seat, making the installation easier and reducing the assembly time.
To produce the new TC regulator, materials have been analized and chosen on the basis of their suitability with the contact medium. The body in PPS and the seals in FKM ensure thus full compatibility with a wide range of gaseous fluids.


  • Compact design
  • High performance
  • Easy to install
  • Materials suitable with several gases

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Product category: Mechatronics

Series K8P electronic proportional micro regulator

Series K8P electronic proportional micro regulators have evolved from our Series K8 mini-solenoid valves. Series K8P regulators guarantee excellent pressure regulation, fast response times, self-regulation and low energy consumption.
Series K8P is a high performance proportional pressure regulator which is suitable for use in all applications where high precision, quick response times and low consumption are required.
The K8P regulator adjusts the outlet pressure through the operation of two K8 monostable valves according to the inlet signal and to the retroactivity of the internal pressure sensor. A self-adjusting function has been integrated into the regulator control algorithm to guarantee the highest levels of performance apart from the volume connected.


  • High precision
  • Reduced response times
  • Minimum consumption
  • Self-regulation function
  • Flexibility of use
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for use with oxygen

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Product category: Microfluidics

Series K8DV directly operated solenoid valves with fluid separation membrane

The K8DV solenoid valve was born to meet all the demands to shut off aggressive or heat sensitive fluids. Thanks to a fluid separation membrane, the fluid is isolated from all internal metal parts of the solenoid valve and avoids heating, even if minimum, generated by the solenoid positioned above.
To choose the most suitable model for a specific application, check the chemical compatibility of the medium to control with
the available materials of body and seals.


  • Very compact design and reduced weight
  • High flow performances
  • Very low internal volume
  • Suitable to be applied in medical equipment and analytical instruments

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Product category: Dosing

Series PDV diaphragm isolation valves directly operated

Series PDV directly operated solenoid valve is available with several nominal diameters and in three different versions according to the electrical connection. Moreover, the fluid separation membrane protects the medium from extreme changes of
temperature due to heating of the solenoid.
To choose the most suitable model for a specific application, check the chemical compatibility of the medium with the
available materials of body and seals.


  • Suitable to be used with neutral or aggressive fluids
  • Suitable for specific applications on medical and analytical equipment or instruments
  • Compact design

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Product category: Microfluidics, Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Specials & Customised Solutions

Camozzi has broad experience in the development of a range of customised solutions for the control of liquid and gaseous
fluids. These solutions combine modern and functional design with high performance to produce miniaturised solenoid valves and other components as well as PWM (pulse width modulation) and PCM (pulse code modulation) controls, separating diaphragms for controlling aggressive fluids, latch systems and systems with integrated sensors that control pressure, flow and position.


  • Integrated system to introduce air into the system
  • Disinfection / sanitation process
  • Integrated solution specific for the mixing and control of oxygen-air
  • Integrated solution specific for the mixing of air - oxygen

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

OX1 fittings for applications of medical gases

OX1 fittings are designed for the Life Science market, particularly for medical and analytical applications. Equipment manufacturers of Ventilators, Anaesthesia devices, Oxygen Concentrators, Mass Spectrometry or Bio Medical analysers
have qualified the Series OX1 fittings for many years.


  • OX1 Products Cleanliness level: Non volatile residue equal to or less than 550 mg/m2
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Oxygen suitable grease
  • Approved Collet technology
  • Long life service
  • Use with PA, PU, PE or  Fluoropolymer Tubings


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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Series DB Fluid & Dental Multichannel Manifold

The Series DB is a modular and compact solution, optimising pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical connections — reducing installation times on machines operating in the industrial and life sciences sectors. The concept behind the manifold gives multiple modules maximum configuration versatility, combining miniature solenoid on-off valves and proportional control valves. Each single manifold is configurable in several ways to match the operating requirements of each handpiece installed on the dental units. For example, with the proper configuration, it is possible to optimise the connections of the air and water tubing used for the operation with turbines, micromotors, scalers and syringes.


  • Easy to install
  • Modular
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Compact and light design

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Product category: Filters

Series N filters, coalescing filters and actived carbon filters

Series N filters are available with G1/8 and G1/4 gas ports. The models are available with 3 different filtering elements: 25, 5, 0.01µm and actived carbon.
The version with semi-automatic manual drain is equipped with a transparent bowl that makes the monitoring of the condensate level very easy. 
The version with metal bowl is particularly suitable for applications subject to impacts
or in the presence of aggressive agents that could damage the PA12 bowl.


  • Available with: transparent PA12 bowl or nickelplated brass bowl for the small version (N1)
  • Quality of delivered air according to ISO 8573-1:2010 from Class 7.8.4 to Class 1.7.1

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Product category: Mechatronics

Open Frame Controller - Modular Proportional Regulator

The new OPEN FRAME CONTROLLER system is a platform for providing closed loop control of flow, pressure and position and is suitable for Industry 4.0 applications. The system is composed of two base modules: Master and Slave that individually may be combined following the application needs.
It can be easily configured to meet specific application needs, to provide the most efficient, turnkey solutions, thus reducing assembly times and system complexity. The different Master and Slave modules can be combined and driven through simple serial communications, making the control of complex applications easier. Typical applications could include the mixingof different gases, piloting different pressuresin different parts of the machine, or the positioning of a pneumatic cylinder through a single control signal.


  • Closed loop control of flow, pressure and position
  • Customised, turnkey solutions
  • Serial communication
  • Modular

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Product category: Valves

Series ASX Angle Seat Valves

Precise fluid control, even at high flow rates. The angle seat valve Series ASX is a pneumatically-operated valve designed to control steam, liquids, gas and fluids that contain suspended solid particulate matter. The angled mount and design of the valve enable a high and constant flow, whilst ensuring a low pressure drop.
Made entirely of stainless steel, this valve is the ideal solution for many industrial applications, even when besides high flow rates, the control of viscous fluids is also required. It is available in a range of different versions as well as special models to be installed in applications with flow direction under the poppet, in order to prevent or reduce the water-hammer effect when closing the valve.


  • High flow rate
  • Low fluid resistance
  • Versions avilable that prevent water-hammer effects
  • Compliant with Directive PED 97/23/EC
  • Compliant with the ATEX Directive

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Product category: Automation, robotics

Series CGPT self-centering parallel grippers with T-guide

Thanks to the use of a high performing and precise force transmission system, the Series CGPT grippers are able to provide
high gripping forces while guaranteeing a very high repeatability.
The wide range of sizes available allows you to find the best solution for any need of movement. The grippers are supplied with centering bushes (tolerance H8) which, once positioned on the body and/or on the jaws, are able to guarantee, during maintenance, a high interchangeability of the gripper and of the extensions.

  • Robust, compact and light design
  • High closing/opening forces
  • Fixing from the top, from below and from the side
  • Supply on the side or on the bottom (even without using tubes)
  • Self-centering jaws
  • High closing and opening repeatability
  • High interchangeability (centering bushes)
  • Position detection thanks to the use of magnetic proximity switches.
  • In compliance with ROHS directive
  • PTFE, Silicone and Copper free
  • High reliability
  • High resistance to external loads thanks to the T-guide
  • Variants available for use in ATEX zones and for high temperatures

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Product category: Pneumatic actuators

Series 63 ISO 15552 cylinders

The Series 63 pneumatic cylinders have been developed to guarantee high performance and versatility. Thanks to a new system of adjustable pneumatic cushioning, the cylinders can always guarantee the best regulation whilst significantly reducing noise caused by the impact of the piston on the end block.
Besides the standard version, which can be used in many sectors, specific solutions have been developed for applications
such as food processing, agriculture, in tensioning, dosing systems and dancer arms for winding applications. There are
also versions for demanding application environments, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, corrosive atmospheres etc.

  • In compliance with the ISO 15552 standard
  • Weight reduced by 25%
  • Low noise
  • More accurate with fine regulation of cushioning
  • Flexibility and versatility

  • Low friction
  • Uniform movement (low speed)
  • High and low temperatures
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Hydrolytic environment
  • Food and beverage
  • Lube-free operation
  • Dirty and dusty environments
  • Protective bellows
  • Back to back
  • Tandem and multi-position
  • With rod lock
  • Polyurethane coating
  • ATEX

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Product category: Laboratory automation, Linear technology

Series 5E electromechanical axis

Series 5E axes are mechanical linear actuators in which the rotary movement generated by a motor is converted into a linear movement by means of a toothed belt.
The Series 5E, available in 3 sizes, 50, 65 and 80, is realized by means of a special self-supporting square profile, in which
the components have been completely integrated, assuring compactness and light weight.
The presence of a recirculating ball guide grants high stiffness and resistance to external loads.

  • Multiposition system with transmission of the movement with toothed belt
  • Suitable for high dynamics
  • Possibility to connect the motor on 4 sides
  • Large range of motor interfaces
  • Possibility to use magnetic proximity switches and/or inductive sensors
  • IP 40
  • Max stroke 6 meters
  • Plates to realize multiaxis systems
  • Presence of internal channels for re-lubrication
  • Large range of axis mounting accessories
  • Sliders available: standard, long, double

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Product category: Injection molding

Series RPG sprue grippers

The external design, the choice of materials and the search for miniaturization makes Series RPGB a compact and lightweight solution. The D model is provided with a finger having a slot for the installation of a magnetic sensor which is able to detect
the grip of the piece.
Its technical features ensure a high gripping force and make this gripper particularly suitable in the removal of injection molded items. The surface treatments on each metallic part make this series very wear resistant.

  • Suitable for plastic injection molding sector
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wear resistant
  • Models RPGB-08-D and RPGB12-D are supplied with sensor CSD-D-364 already mounted

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Company news




Nov 16, 2020

Discover Camozzi Automation's commitment in the Life Science sector in the video

In the video you will find application examples for our components in the Life Science sector, especially for medical and analytical devices. Click on the link below to know more.

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Nov 15, 2020


Discover our new Fluid Control catalogue!
Our engineers dealing with fluid control applications are able to offer highly engineered and specialised components and solutions for the main industrial sectors as well as for more delicate applications in the medical and analytical fields.
Our range of Camozzi products includes both single components, such as valves and solenoid valves, proportional valves, servo-valves, pressure and flow regulators, fittings and components for air treatment, as well as complete customised systems.

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Nov 10, 2020

WEBINAR - Systems & Components for Healthcare Industry contributing in the fight against Covid-19

Discover our Webinar: “Systems & Components for Healthcare Industry contributing in the fight against Covid-19”. 
Douglas Lenihan, Business Development Manager Life Science, and Cristian Galbiati, the Princeton University professor, will cover the success case of the MVM Ventilator.

Available on the Camozzi Academy Section.

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Oct 27, 2020

Discover Ventilator and Oxy-Concentrator components on the Camozzi Automation Website!

Ventilators and Oxy Concentrators are becoming essential instruments in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Visit our website and you will find the components for life saving devices.

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About us

Company details

Founded in 1964, Camozzi Automation is a global leader in the design and production of motion and fluid control components, systems and technologies for Industrial Automation, Transportation and Life Science Industries. For the Life Science sector, our Fluid Control components offer innovative and reliable miniature solenoid valves, proportional regulators and solutions with separating diaphragm, customized solutions - for controlling aggressive fluids, latch systems and systems with integrated sensors that control pressure, flow and position.

Application sectors:

Analytical Instruments - Gas & Liquid Cromatography, Biomedical analisers, Environment analisers, Clinical chemistry, Electrophoresis

Medical Devices - Ventilators & Anaesthesia, Dialysis machines, Presso & Vacuumtherapy, Drug infusion, Dental unit, Autoclave, Oxygen concentrators, Hematology, Biotechnologies, Clinical diagnostics

In order to guarantee the best quality in all production phases, Camozzi has created controlled atmosphere environments and an ISO 7 cleanroom for the assembly of products and solutions that require extreme cleanliness and the elimination of all organic and/or inorganic contaminants. Ultrasonic cleaning and inspection equipment that makes use of UV blacklighting enables us to supply components that can be used with aggressive liquids and oxidizing gases like oxygen.

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Company data

Export content

> 75%

Number of employees




Area of business
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Tubings and tubing equipment
  • Filter
  • Valves

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