ÇIZGI TEKNOLOJI ELEKTRONIK TASARIM VE ÜRETIM AS of Istanbul at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Merve Mah. Necip Fazil Cad. No: 8, 34791 Istanbul
Telephone +90 216 3658250

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 13): stand E11

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 13


Dilara Altunsoy Pineiro

Marketing Communication Specialist




Mehmet Berk

Sales Marketing and Operations Director




Han Cicimen

Production Quality R&D Director

Kadir KARA

Field Operations Executive



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.08  Operating technology and operating equipment
  • 01.08.01  Surgery room equipment
  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.08  Operating technology and operating equipment
  • 01.08.04  Other equipment for operating technology

Other equipment for operating technology

Our products

Product category: Surgery room equipment


  • We Are The Leading Domestic Manufacturer in Medical Solutions
  • With our Artech Medical Products group we are developing innovative projects to most important hospital groups. We are building digital systems that strengthen communication and trust between the hospital and the patient.
  • We provide accessibility of critical information and documents for medical processes in a digital environment and advanced technology solutions that allow the control and monitoring of the ideal environment conditions for operating rooms.
Why Artech? * Compliance with Medical Standarts * Compliance with Hygiene Conditions required by Sterile Environments * 3-year Guarantee and Competent Spare Part Procuration * Smooth and Long-Term working performance * Competent and Fast Technical Service * 25 years in Industrial System Technologies and Domestic Production
Polyclinic and Patient Solid Solutions * Moving Medical Panel PC for Patient Solid (Moving Sterile PC) * Bed-side PC * Medical Monitor (Diagnostic) * Patient and Door Information Screens * Queue Systems
Operating Room Solutions
* Fixed or Mobile TELEMEDICINE System
* PACS PC for viewing PACS
* Medical Panel PC for Operating Rooms etc.
* Control Panel for Operating Room Telemedicine System; is a system that provides easy access to patients' surgical procedures, PACS images, health and other medical information with mobile and fixed model options.
Artech products;
* Display function
* Camera and Video Management
* Record and Archive Functions
* It offers reliable solutions to patients and medical personnel with image transfer functions
Mobile Telemedicine System;
* 24”, 2MP resolution and TFT LED technology
* 500cd brightness, 120Hz scanning rate and 10 bit color depth
* 50.000 hours backlight time
* DICOM calibration
* The front of the device are made by antibacterial material, IP65 protection class, Turkish Q keyboard and touch pad.
* 1 TB Harddisc, 4 HDMI video inputs, 4 USB, 3 RS232 and 2 Ethernet port
PACS PC; 46”, 2MP resolution and TFT LED technology.
* DICOM calibration
* This device built-in in operating rooms.
* The glass is anti-reflective and the glass surface does not have any frame.
* IP65 protection class and isolated design
* DVD Reader, QR Code ve RFID reader slots are available and has IP65 protection class, air-dust-liquid isolation.
* 17’’ / 24’’ Screen (17’’ standard touch-operated, 24’’ feature is optional)
* Internal Anti Bacterial Keyboard and Touchpad
* Internal Barcode Scanner
* Internal RFID Reader
* Internal DVD Driver (Optional)
* The front of the device is IP65 protection class and has a completely isolated design that does not pass through air, dust or liquid.
* The front of the device are made by antibacterial material, IP65 protection class, Q keyboard and touch pad.
* 1 TB Harddisc, 4GB RAM, 2 Ethernet port.
OPERATING ROOM CONTROL PANEL is equipped with a touch screen feature and it has an international utility model certificate which is designed as hygienic environment.
Artech Products;
* Ability to adjust and control critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, room pressure, hepa filter pollution
* Handsfree video calling
* Operation systems, voice and music system, negatoscope and Radiology Monitor allows you to control and report.
* Digital Thermometer, Temperature Control, Low and High Temperature Warning.
* Digital Hygrometer and Humidity Control, Low and High Humidity Warning.
* Digital Room Differential Pressure Gauge and Pressure Control, Low and High Pressure Difference Warning.
* Digital Hepa Filter Pollution Indicator (Differential Pressure Information).
* Change in time trend showing graph for Temperature, Humidity, Ambient Pressure, Hepa Filter Differential Pressure in separetly and set values.
* Economic Standby Mode (Half-cycle control to Air Handling Unit).
* Shut-off Damper Control.
* Anesthetic gas discharge system control.
* Central medical gas system alarm (External Contact Input).
* Separately open / close for four separate armature groups, separate dimmer function for each group
* 3 separate operation lamp head separately on / off, if desired, separate dimmer function for each group.
* Digital Clock
* Digital Chronometer.
* Music Broadcast Control to choose from three different channels, Possibility to play MP3 format music files (Media Player).
* Encrypted access to user-defined levels, tune and control functions.
* Possibility to monitor operating room data via local network or Internet, data transfer to building automation systems, remote service Seamless integration into Building Automation Systems with free programmable communication port and MODBUS communication protocol support
* Handsfree voice or video calling (MSN Messenger or Skype).
* Isolation Transformer insulation leakage, temperature and current limit warning, audible alarm in boundary.
* Retention of prior warning records.
* 17” touch color TFT display for easy viewing and control over long distance.
BED SIDE PC Providing access to information via hospital information management system, Bed-side PC provides reliable solutions for medical personnel and patients.
Artech Products;
* Follow up of materials and consumables used in patient visits with barcode and RFID
* Silent operation through fanless design and automatic display feature
* With Bluetooth control function, patient follow-up system functions provide patient-specific solutions.
* 1600 x 900 resolution 21’’ Screen (Optional Touch)
* Internal Anti Bacterial Keyboard and Touchpad
* Internal Barcode Scanner
* Internal RFID Reader
* Up to 256 GB Harddisc, 4GB RAM, 4 USB, 1 Ethernet port.
Q-MATIC KIOSK; Self-service kiosk, which enables the process to be carried out without waiting for queues in hospitals, provides solutions that are effective, cost effective and do not need any extra personnel in providing better service.
Artech products;
* Choice of kiosk in desired configuration
* Durableness against vandalism
* Internal QR code reader and thermal printer
* We offer corporate color and logo design
INFORMATION DISPLAY; Information displays that are connected to the Patient Information System; can display data such as entrance doors, room numbers and status information, name of outpatient clinic, information of authorized doctor and specialist information, Rooms of the Patients and can be designed for your corporation. 
Artech products;
* Special design for your architectural decoration
* Sustainable product management with industrial components
* Provides instant problem analysis and solution support with remote connection.
PENDANT PC; Pendant computers are ergonomic and user-friendly products which are preferred for easy and fast access to information with its stylish appearance and functionality.
* Internal QR code reader
* Thermal Label Printer Stand
* Medical Use Body

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Product category: Surgery room equipment

Artech OR Integration Solutions

Artech OR Integration Solutions

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Company news




Aug 20, 2019

We will be in MEDICA Exhibition Hall 13, E11 between 18-21 November.

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About us

Company details

Çizgi Teknoloji was established in 1994 as a Technology Company with the aim of becoming a prestigious brand that offers innovative technology products to the world with high added value in industrial automation and IT products.
Since 1999, with the establishment of R & D center, has been doing all design, production and software processes of Industrial PC, Medical, Kiosk and Digital Signage product groups.
In the light of our quarter-century experience, we follow closely the rapid developments in the world of technology. We design and produce original hardware and innovative products for Medical, Military, Industrial and Service Sectors, and develop effective software on these hardware and offer optimum solutions to our stakeholders.

To design and produce original, innovative hardware for Professional Computing and Communication Systems for Medical, Military, Industrial and Service Sectors and to provide optimum solutions to our stakeholders by developing effective software on these hardware


To be a prestigious brand offering innovative technology products to the world with high added value

* Customer Focus and Sustainability
* Compliance with International Standards
* Innovator and Competitive Products
* End to end; R&D, Design, Manufacture, Software and After Sales Services


* Develop the Most Suitable Solutions for The Needs of the Sectors.
* 24 Years of Experience to Develop Superior Technologies by Offering Solution Partnership
*  Raise The Standards of Our Country in Medical Solutions by Prioritizing Human Health

As Çizgi Teknoloji, we are a customer-oriented, technology-leading company with the quarter-century experience in end-to-end R & D, design, production, software and after-sales services.
Our products are innovative, competitive and comply with international standards.
Since our foundation, our priority is to develop the most appropriate and innovative solutions for the needs of the sectors.

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Company data

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Area of business

Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology

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