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MER-Europe B.V.

Tussenklappen WZ 21, 9649 EC Muntendam
Telephone +31 598 634420
Fax +31 598 634404

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MER-Europe B.V.

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COMPAMED 2019 hall map (Hall 8b): stand K09

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Our range of products

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Our products

Product category: Product design, product development

Medical Balloons

There are compliant and non compliant balloons & catheters available in the market for a wide range of medical applications. Varying from “standard” cylindrical balloons to cone shaped or dogbone shape balloons. Balloons are produced using a blow molding process from an extruded tube, so they typically have two balloon legs.

Our supplier TSS produces molded and extruded silicone balloons  & catheters , manufactured to your specification.
For other balloons, we can refer to other manufacturers.

Non-Compliant Dilatation Medical Balloons

  • Ultra high-strength, thin-walled
  • Fabricated from PET and Nylon
  • Used for PTCA, PTA, stent delivery, and other dilatation procedures
  • Compliance range: 0-10% (typical)
  • Optically clear (or colored)
  • Transmit light over very broad spectrum including ND: YAG lasers (PET)
  • Sizes range from 0.5 to 50 mm in diameter in virtually any working length
  • Burst pressures typically range from 15-400 psi (1-27 atm)
Remember: Not all Medical balloons are equal! It is not enough to produce thin-walled balloons. The wall thickness or thinness in the cone and neck area is just as important as a thin body, and in most circumstances, a thin neck and cone are critical for achieving low profile and flexibility (track ability).

Semi-Compliant Dilatation Medical Balloons

  • High-strength, thin-walled
  • Can be fabricated from PET, Nylon, Polyurethane, other thermoplastic elastomers
  • Used for PTCA, PTA, stent delivery, Kyphoplasty and other dilatation procedures
  • Compliance range: 10-20% (typical)
  • Sizes range from 0.5 to 50 mm in diameter in virtually any working length
  • Burst pressures typically range from 15-375 psi (1-25.5 atm)
Compliant Medical Balloons

  • Low pressure, thin and thick-walled
  • Fabricated from Polyurethane, Nylon elastomers, and other thermoplastic elastomers
  • Used for occlusion and anchoring in a variety of medical procedures
  • Compliance range: 20-100% or more
  • Sizes range from .5 to 60 mm in diameter in virtually any working length.
  • Burst pressures typically range from 0-30 psi (0-2 atm)
  • Typically used to replace latex and silicone balloons in critical high-value medical devices.
Silicone Compliant Medical Balloons

  • Low pressure , thin and thick walled and
  • Closed end balloons
  • Specific shapes and features achieved by molding
  • Compliant range over 100%
  • Via unique GEOTrans process thin wall balloon section can be extruded in line

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Product category: Product design, product development

Extruded tubing

Tubing can be supplied in a wide range of materials, and from tight tolerance ID/OD tube for precision shaft or balloon to implantable grade multi lumen Tubing. 


Silicones (different grades)
Polyurethanes (ranging from soft to harder)

Typical applications:

Balloon tubing
Catheter shafts
Pacemaker lead bodies
Drainage systems
Infusion pumps

SSF specializes in precision extrusions in Silicone – ID/ OD tubing (from as small as 0,1 x 0,3 mm) and multi lumen configurations. 

Special extrusions:
  • Geo Trans® transitional extrusion – capable of changing profile, number of lumina , durometer on the fly. This technique is only possible at SSF in silicone materialsSponge extrusions ( in silicone)
  • Co-extrusions
  • Coil reinforced extrusions (in silicone with Nylon reinforcement)

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Product category: Product design, product development

Silicone Extrusions

TSS manufactures precision Silicone Tubing in various diameters and wall thicknesses, single lumen and multi-lumen. Silicone tubing is used for catheters, wound drains, feeding tubes, cuffs and pacemaker leads, etc.

Silicone rubber has been used in medical implants for over fifty years and has a proven track record as an inert and stable biomaterial.

Besides regular ID/ OD tubing (from as small as 0.1mm x 0.3mm) TSS offers special extrusions:

Geo-Trans® technology – this is a unique processing technology, patented by TSS, that allows for transformation of the cross-section of a continuous silicone extrusion.

  • Kink resistant tubing
  • Twisted Tubing
  • Foam Extrusion
  • Ribbon & Tape
  • Addition of additives such as colorant, conductive material, drugs.
TSS has an in-house tooling, engineering & automation team. In addition to the extrusion processes TSS offers many secondary operations for your convenience:

  • Post Cure
  • Printing
  • Coiling or Spooling
  • Cut to Length
  • Drilling
  • Grinding

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Product category: Product design, product development

Silicone Molded Parts

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions – Tustin is a specialist in molding custom silicone parts for implant or non- implant purposes – optionally with additives – as well as silicone parts for tools and equipment.

TSS’ molding capabilities include:

  •  Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) – for high volume applications, tight tolerances, elaborate geometries, small parts or thin walls.
  •  Transfer Molding
  •  Compression Molding
  • TSS has an in-house tooling, engineering & automation team. They can design as well as manufacture the molds and equipment.
TSS’ moulding specialists collaborate closely with you to take you through all the phase
s from design to a validated product.

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Product category: Product design, product development

Combination products

A combination product combines a medical device with a drug, where the drug is an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). TSS is licensed for exact these types of combination products, a medical device of which part contains a silicone molded, sheeting or extrusion component.
Silicone is an excellent Biostable material and offers great possibilities to deliver different types of API’s.

TSS has a class 7 cleanroom exclusively for handling API and to manufacture combinations products. Between the different TSS locations a full suite of engineering design and manufacturing services are being offered (OEM)

Some applications:
  • Opthalmy
  • Transdermal patches
  • Cardiology
  • Urology
  • Women’s health

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Product category: Product design, product development

TSS: Silicone Drains by GEOTrans® Technology

Using their innovative GEOTrans® process, TSS can produce high quality and cost efficient silicone drains.  Wound Drains typically have a different proximal than distal catheter profile. This to secure and maintain inflow into the drain while being implanted.

TSS can use their own patented GEO Trans technology to change the GEOmetry of an extrusion on the fly. This means different GEOmetries can be produced in one piece without the need for molding or connecting! This is a unique safety and efficiency advantage.

TSS produces a standard range of 10F, 15F, 19F, 24F “Blake” style drains that are available for fast turnaround at competitive pricing. See also the picture below.

Download the brochure and please contact us for samples and pricing.

The same GEOTrans technology can be used for other applications and we can help you develop your own specific part!

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About us

Company details

MER-Europe (Medical Engineering Resources) is a technically focused and service orientated partner with over 20 years of expertise and experience in the Medical Device Industry.

We represent innovative and quality driven suppliers from both the United States and Europe.
Our partners can provide you with some of the most technically advanced components available, as well as inspection- and production equipment and design and assembly services.

Our primary focus is to identify our customers’ exact requirements and provide a technical link to the suppliers we work with. We have the knowledge to help you determine the right process and material for your specific requirement. We are dedicated to provide quick answers and high quality engineering solutions.

Throughout our website you will find all about the suppliers we work with, and their outstanding products, such as:

  • Extruded tubing
  • Silicone products
  • Sheeting & Film
  • Miniature Stainless Steel Tubing
  • OEM production services

The MER team is dedicated to bring together demand and supply. Please feel free to contact us any time.

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