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Electromedical devices

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Product category: Wearables


A cochlear implant system consists of two parts: an internal cochlear implant and an external audio processor.

One system – different options

The new SYNCHRONY cochlear implant system consists of a SONNET audio processor and a SYNCHRONY cochlear implant. It has been designed to improve users' hearing to an even greater extent – all within a system which is efficient, user-friendly and comfortable.

The SYNCHRONY cochlear implant system delivers exceptional hearing performance, outstanding reliability and unmatched MRI safety. The system uses proven MED-EL technology designed to achieve more natural hearing.

SYNCHRONY users can choose between a SONNET® behind-the-ear audio processor and a RONDO® single-unit processor. Both audio processors are powered by the proven Triformance technology for more natural hearing.

Powered by Triformance

Users can protect their hearing, experience the fullest, richest range of sounds, perceive speech and music more naturally – all of which is possible thanks to Triformance. To give users the most natural hearing possible, SYNCHRONY is powered by Triformance, the combination of MED-EL's three key technologies: Structure Preservation (SP), Complete Cochlear Coverage (CCC) and FineHearing (FH)

SYNCHRONY cochlear implant

With its freely rotating and self-aligning magnet, SYNCHRONY is the only cochlear implant which is compatible with a 3.0 Tesla MRI without magnet removal. SYNCHRONY is the smallest and lightest cochlear implant designed for long-term and safe use. The SYNCHRONY PIN implant features small (1.4 mm) titanium fixation pins that secure the implant. MED-EL offers the most extensive electrode portfolio. SYNCHRONY protects the delicate nerve cells of the cochlea because it features the softest and most flexible electrodes.

SONNET behind-the-ear audio processor

With dual microphone technology, SONNET features Automatic Sound Management 2.0 for hands-free control and effortless listening in any conditions. ASM 2.0 automatically adjusts volume levels, reduces any wind noise and helps users to improve their hearing. The water-resistant, lightweight, and tamper-proof SONNET is the ideal choice for both children and adults.

RONDO single-unit processor

RONDO combines an audio processor, a battery pack, and a coil into a compact and convenient single-unit processor. RONDO isn't worn behind the ear, so it is especially comfortable for those who wear glasses. With the WaterWear accessory, RONDO is completely waterproof.

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Product category: Wearables


Combined electric acoustic stimulation – EAS™

MED-EL is the pioneer of combined Electric Acoustic Stimulation. EAS is a potential solution for partial deafness, known also as high frequency hearing loss. High frequency hearing loss is a type of sensorineural hearing loss, which occurs when the hair cells in the cochlea are missing or damaged. It is different from normal sensorineural hearing loss because the extent of hearing loss varies depending on the sound frequency.

EAS provides both electric stimulation through the cochlear implant and acoustic amplification similar to a hearing aid so that users can hear all frequencies. The audio processor recognizes sounds, converts high frequencies into electrical impulses and acoustically amplifies low frequencies. The electrical impulses are sent directly to the cochlear through an electrode, while the acoustically amplified sounds follow the natural hearing path.

SONNET EAS Audio Processor

The SYNCHRONY EAS system with SONNET EAS audio processor is a 3rd generation Electric Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) system developed by MED-EL. SONNET EAS combines the SONNET audio processor with an acoustic unit and customised ear mould to provide the necessary acoustic stimulation across the low frequencies and electric stimulation in the high frequencies. With 6-channel 48 dB acoustic amplification across the low frequencies, SONNET EAS is the ideal solution for candidates with partial deafness.

FLEX24 and FLEX20 electrodes

The FLEX24 and FLEX20 electrodes have been developed specifically for people with partial deafness, as they only cover the basal end of the cochlea which responds to high frequency sounds. The unique electrodes with wave-shaped wires and FLEX-Tip significantly reduce insertion force and are gentler on the delicate structures of the middle ear.

Electrode array

MED-EL offers the most extensive portfolio of electrodes in the world, providing each candidate with the opportunity to select the ideal electrode for them. Specially designed to preserve the integrity of the inner ear's most delicate structures, MED-EL's electrodes are the most atraumatic electrodes ever produced. Only MED-EL's long, flexible electrodes, which facilitate structure preservation, can be fully inserted into the cochlea, achieving complete cochlear coverage for optimal hearing outcomes.

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Product category: Wearables


Middle ear implant

SOUNDBRIDGE is the optimal solution for individuals with conductive or mixed hearing loss, or mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss. The SOUNDBRIDGE system is designed for hearing restoration after middle ear surgery and for treatment of sensorineural hearing loss and medical conditions (e.g. chronic external otitis), which are contraindications to the use of conventional hearing aids.

The SOUNDBRIDGE implant directly stimulates the structures of the middle ear. Users experience improved sound quality and clarity due to the direct-drive technology of the FMT (Floating Mass Transducer), which provides mechanical stimulation of middle ear structures. Since the ear canal remains completely open, patients with pathologies in the outer ear canal can make great use of this solution. The latest generation of the SOUNDBRIDGE implant is MR Conditional at 1.5 Tesla.

The SOUNDBRIDGE implant features the innovative technology of the Floating Mass Transducer (FMT). FMT transmits sound by creating vibrations in the middle ear structures according to the individual needs of each patient. The versatility of the FMT has led to the creation of successful surgical applications known as vibroplasty.

Vibroplasty for surgical flexibility

The many years of experience with SOUNDBRIDGE has led to an increase in the variety of surgical procedures, offering surgeons several options for FMT coupling to the middle ear. The examples include fixation on the short process of the incus, fixation on the long process of the incus, stapes or round window. This offers optimal FMT coupling according to the needs, anatomy and pathology of the patient. The unique single-point attachment system means that the FMT is only attached to the stimulated structure of the middle ear. This makes the placement of the FMT independent of skull growth and therefore suitable for implantation in both children and adults.

External part – audio processor

The SAMBA is the latest generation of audio processors for the SOUNDBRIDGE and BONEBRIDGE systems. The elegant, new SAMBA audio processor is an intelligent hearing system with innovative features, such as the Intelligent Sound Adapter, Speech Tracking and adaptive directional microphones. It also offers its users 5 individual programs and easy handling by using a remote control. The SAMBA offers wireless connectivity Via Bluetooth or telecoil to external devices such as mobile phones, FM systems and ALDs. Wireless connectivity is available by using the Siemens miniTEK™.

The SAMBA has a data-logging feature which provides detailed user information in order to facilitate the adjustment of the device. SAMBA's self-learning system aims to reduce the need for making any adjustments or readjustment. The Vibrogram provides a standardized fitting procedure for SOUNDBRIDGE and BONEBRIDGE. The fitting of the SAMBA can be carried out using the latest SYMFIT software, either wirelessly or Via the battery-pill. The versatile SAMBA system requires fewer audio processor variants which optimizes the process of ordering and delivering the product to clinics.

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Product category: Wearables



BONEBRIDGE is the first active, intact skin hearing implant in bone conduction stimulation.  For decades semi-implantable, transcutaneous implants, such as cochlear implants and middle ear implants, have proven successful and stable and have shown to go together with low complication rates. Now for the first time this technology is available for bone conduction stimulation.

Direct bone conduction stimulation

The BONEBRIDGE implant stimulates the bone directly, which allows users to enjoy a superior hearing experience. BONEBRIDGE is the first active hearing implant where no surgical access to the middle ear is necessary. Direct drive bone conduction together with state-of-the-art signal processing provides excellent speech and sound perception.

Transcutaneous implant system

Based on MED-EL's rich experience in transcutaneous technologies, the active BONEBRIDGE bone conduction system is the ideal solution for people who have not benefited from using hearing aids or have suffered from constant skin complications with other hearing aids. The Bone Conductive Floating Mass Transducer (BC-FMT) is a vibrator that is implanted into the mastoid bone of the skull so that no access to the middle ear is necessary, which helps the medical staff to perform a relatively easy and effective surgical intervention.

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About us

Company details

CENTILLION OOD is an innovative manufacturing company which produces electronic devices, systems, bundled products and services in the fields of MEDICINE, AVIONIC and AEROSPACE, VISION, CONTROL and MONITORING SYSTEMS, PRECISION INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT.

We deliver world class products and services that fully satisfy customer requirements and expectations by using modern equipment and technology, a high level of professionalism and an efficiently functioning quality assurance system. 

CENTILLION OOD is the official representative of MED-EL-Austria in Bulgaria for active implantable hearing devices. It offers repair and maintenance services for all components of cochlear implants.

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