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Öv utca 3., 1141 Budapest

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  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.09  Laboratory equipment

Our products

Product category: Laboratory equipment


Main new features (CaseViewer 2.3)

Z-Stack 3D: Thanks to this new visualization feature Z-Stack slides can be presented in 3D. This function provides a window into the investigation of histological structures in real 3D view. This feature is optimal for brightfield, fluorescent and also for confocal slide visualization.
The visualization process runs in real time without the need for a special computer configuration or a “flagship” graphics card. This function is bound to the Z-Stack 3DViewer license. Functions are easy to use thanks to the simple and intuitive interface.

Slide anonimity: By using this feature of the Slide Converter the label area image can be removed from the slide. The anonymized slide can be shared freely and used for teaching and publishing purposes.

DICOM slide: This version of CaseViewer is able to open DICOM digital slide format.

Open scanner preview image: Next to the label area an additional button is added to access the preview image created by the scanner. This is a useful function by which the original sample location in the glass slide can be viewed.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

Pannoramic Viewer

The Pannoramic Viewer not only enables you to view the sample but also to make annotations, measurements etc. Its functionality can be easily expanded through its various software modules.
Main characteristics:
  • Seamless zooming and moving of the virtual slide
  • Bookmarking (annotating) on the spot, i.e. defining the specific part of the sample by drawing; finding and reading of previously made bookmarks
  • Easy and precise measurements
  • Real-time changing of brightness, contrast and color bias
  • Fluorescent slide handling, separate channel view & pseudo-colorization
  • Slide uploading and downloading for teleconsultation
  • Synchronized viewing (moving and zooming) of multiple slides for comparison purposes
  • Publication quality image capture of displayed areas (.JPG, .BMP, .TIFF)
  • TIFF, MIRAX slide and Meta-XML export for Carl Zeiss AxioVision™ compatibility
  • Scanmap export for rescanning existing digital slides
  • Easily expandable functionality via the software modules

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

iPad Viewer

Experience true mobile pathology with the iPad Viewer, 3DHISTECH's Mobile Pathology Tool!

  • All you need is an iPad, the Viewer software and internet access
  • Open digital slides from CaseCenter or PathoNet
  • Every basic viewing and navigation function of the Pannoramic Viewer is available, including
  • Seamless moving and zooming
  • Arbitrary slide rotation
  • Apple-like, intuitive user interface

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

Pannoramic 1000

Pannoramic 1000, the latest member of 3DHISTECH’s Pannoramic scanners family, is a high-end, extra fast and super efficient slide digitalization system. Its unprecedented 1000-slide capacity, its unparalleled throughput at up to 100 slides per hour and its robust design offer a reliable solution for high-volume whole-slide imaging.


Highest capacity and fastest scanning on the market
The Pannoramic P1000 is the largest capacity whole slide scanner on the market with 1000 slides. Slide loading and scanning are fully automatic, enabling "walk-away" scanning for a whole day's needs, speeding up the laboratory workflow and freeing up valuable lab resources. It is the fastest whole slide scanner on the market at up to 100 slides per hour, 2000 slides per day (at 40x resolution, 0.25 μm/pixel, single layer).

Innovative hardware design
The Pannoramic 1000 has a completely new hardware design: Its antivibration granite base and dual slide stage ensure maximum stability and image quality and its robust construction is designed for heavy-duty use, while it offers easy-maintenance robotized loading.

Most efficient slide logistics
In terms of slide logistics, the Pannoramic 1000 offers a number of innovative features. Its magazine panels support several stainer slide cassettes (up to 5 per device - default magazine is Sakura), offering labs great flexibility. Its robotized loader ensures rapid loading, while slide processing remains flexible, allowing for priority slide handling and scanning in arbitrary order. Last but not least, double-width slides are also supported. 

High-resolution imaging
High-resolution imaging for the Pannoramic 1000 is ensured by three separate objectives exchangeable automatically during scanning. Optional water and oil immersion will be available soon as options and optional multilayer (Z-stack) and extended focus scanning are available for more specific scanning needs. Both tissue detection and coverslip detection are fully automated. For the scanned images, multiple image compression, color profile and schemes as well as multiple image compensation are available.  

Other Features
The completely new software user interface for the Pannoramic 1000 is touch-ready for even easier use. Also, integrated slide server and storage are optionally included.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

Pannoramic SCAN II

The Pannoramic SCAN II is a high-capacity digital slide scanner by 3DHISTECH. With its 150-slide capacity and brightfield and fluorescence scanning abilities, it can fulfil the needs of larger pathology laboratories.

The Pannoramic SCAN II can automatically digitize up to 150 slides in one run. It loads and unloads the slides, detects the sample on the slide, reads the barcode and scans the slide in constant high quality.

The Pannoramic SCAN II supports fluorescence scanning (optional). It can digitize your fluorescent samples in 9 different fluorescent channels. 

The Pannoramic SCAN II supports the best Carl Zeiss objectives, achieving up to 43x or 86x resolution. 

The Pannoramic SCAN II offers high capacity and both brightfield and fluorescence scanning therefore it can be deployed in hospitals.

The 3DHISTECH software product portfolio is the most comprehensive one on the market. Whether it is tissue microarrays, IHC stainings, quantitative measurements or teaching applications, 3DHISTECH offers solutions for your professional work.

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About us

Company details

3DHISTECH is dedicated to providing clinical pathologists, researchers and universities with digital pathology solutions to facilitate quick and accurate diagnostics, supporting medical discoveries and fostering education.
The way forward for pathology is digital. Working with digital slides enables faster, easier and better quality diagnosis, which could lead to a faster healing process.

Founded in 1996, 3DHISTECH is the first European manufacturer of digital pathology devices and one of the global market leaders with nearly 1500 systems sold.

The entire company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing a wide range of PANNORAMIC® whole slide scanners, Track & Sign™ and CaseManager™ laboratory and pathology management, CaseViewer™digital microscopy and QuantCenter™ image analysis software solutions. Further products include tissue microarray machinery.

3DHISTECH is the proud winner of several image quality and scanner speed awards at International Scanner Contests.

Our mission is to fully digitalize the traditional pathology workflow so that it can adapt to the ever-growing demands of healthcare today. We believe our concept of virtual slide and its applications offers you everything you need in modern pathology.

What differentiates us from competition is our exclusive focus on digital pathology: our human and financial resources are all committed to the single goal of continuously developing digital pathology solutions.

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