Fitness: out of shape thanks to the Corona pandemic?

Everyday physical activity: out of shape thanks to the Corona pandemic?

Interview with Dr. Thore Haag and Dr. Christian Schneider, Orthopädiezentrum Theresie ("Theresie Orthopedic Center")


Image: A smiling man with short dark hair in a dark shirt - Dr. Thore Haag; Copyright: Orthopädiezentrum Theresie

Dr. Thore Haag

Image: A smiling man in a suit - Dr. Christian Schneider; Copyright: Orthopädiezentrum Theresie

Dr. Christian Schneider

Image: A man in a blue shirt is sitting at his desks and performs stretching exercises; Copyright: PantherMedia/Andriy Pipov

Sitting long and often in everyday life has been a problem for many people before the Corona pandemic already: it can for example promote neuromuscular problems, overweight or cardiovascular disease.

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