Project HALEy: Bridging the gap between rigid and flexible endoscopes

Body follows head: Bridging the gap between rigid and flexible endoscopes

Interview with Tim-Lukas Habich, Research Assistant, Institute of Mechatronic Systems, Leibniz University Hannover


Image: A man with a beard and glasses in a light blue shirt in front of a light gray background – Tim-Lukas Habich; Copyright: Tim-Lukas Habich

Tim-Lukas Habich

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Image: endoscope; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Image: A collage of four images showing different stages in the development of HALEy; Copyright: Tim-Lukas Habich

a) Schematic structure of the snake robot.
b) Modular robot consisting of three actuators which were 3D printed.
c) Miniaturized robot consisting of three actuator modules which were 3D printed.
d) Vision of the HALEy project: Endoscopy using a hyperredundant snake robot.

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