Leg implant: More comfortable with full weight-bearing capacity

Orthopedic implant: More comfortable thanks to full weight-bearing capacity

Interview with Dr. Peter Helmut Thaller, Head of 3D Surgery at the Department of General, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery at the Medical Center of the University of Munich (City Center Facility)


Image: Dr. Peter Helmut Thaller; Copyright: private

Dr. Peter Helmut Thaller

Image: Leg implants; Copyright: panthermedia.net/ monstArrr

Thanks to new technologies, implants are becoming increasingly functional.

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Image: fully loadable leg implant; Copyright: Dr. Thaller, 3D surgery at the University Hospital of Munich, Germany

Thanks to the new technology, patients can already fully weight-bearing their legs during the three phases of leg extension, which was not possible with previous implants.

Image: new leg implant; Copyright: Dr. Thaller, 3D Surgery at the University Hospital of the University of Vienna

A careful analysis and planning, as well as an ideal surgical technique and experience in distraction and follow-up treatment can keep risks low.

Image: Diana Heiduk; Copyright: private