New contacts, impressions and innovations - visitor voices 2021

New contacts, impressions and innovations - visitor voices 2021

Image: Magdalena Höwelkröger and Lasse Radtke; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
Lasse Radtke and Magdalena Höwelkröger are at MEDICA for the first time. They work at the company Stiegelmeyer and want to get an overview of the market. They are particularly interested in the medical beds on display and, in this context, digitalization. "There's still a lot going on here, despite Covid," Radtke says, and is excited to see what else awaits them at the exhibition center.
Image: Orthan Tecirli; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
Orthan Tecirli describes the MEDICA with the words "big, specialized and interesting". He visits the fair for the first time and hopes to get in touch with new potential suppliers in terms of medical equipment and mobile solutions.
Image: Guillermo Arazo; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
Guillermo Arazo has already been visiting MEDICA for six years to meet customers and get an impression of current trends. He works for a service company in Spain that sells biometical equipment, such as X-Ray items.
Image: Sabrina Hellstern and Claudia Sodha; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
Hellstern medical GmbH develops intuitive assistance systems for surgery. Sabrina Hellstern and Claudia Sodha are at the fair to make appointments with potential new customers. "We are looking for contract manufacturers as well as distribution channels," comments Managing Director Sabrina Hellstern. At the fair they recieve a lot of input for this.
Image: Jana Kingma; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
"I study sports and health technology in Hamm. I am most interested in sports and orthopaedics here at MEDICA". Jana Kingma is currently doing an internship and visits the fair for the first time. So far she likes it very much.
Image: Gina Stateczny; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
"So far I like it, as always," says Gina Stateczny. She is visiting the fair for the fourth time and hopes to gain new distributors and customers this year as well. She thinks that the range of products is very diverse.
Image: Tomáš Nedoma; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
Tomáš Nedoma is impressed by the large fairground. "It's a really big space with so many companies," he says. He is at MEDICA for the first time, mainly for business meetings, networking and customer acquisition.
Image: Paulo Martins; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
Paulo Martins came from Portugal to vistit MEDICA for the 8th time. "This year, everything is different. But I still enjoy my visit, it is much better than I hoped for," he says. "What I like most about MEDICA is the opportunity to meet the people, you usually just talk to by phone."
Image: Johannes Graf; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
Johannes Graf has never been to MEDICA before. His first impression: "Extensive, exciting and well structured". He is most interested in the topics of imaging, lasers and microscopy. He was particularly impressed by the exhibitions around augmented reality glasses. "You see so much here. Although I study medical technology, there is so much to discover here that I have never seen before. It's really cool".
Image: Peter Öhman; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
Peter Öhman is not at MEDICA for the first time. His goal: networking with potential partners. His field of expertise is ozone technology. So far he enjoys his visit. He is just not used to wearing a mask. "In Sweden we don't wear masks. It feels quite strange".
Image: Sainivedhitha Arunajatesan; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
Sainivedhitha Arunajatesan comes from India and currently lives in the Netherlands. She is very impressed by her first visit: "MEDICA is amazing, I like it so much. For exploring everything, I need more time". She is most interested in oxygen concentrators and would definetely come again.