Endoprosthetic surgery: modern and traditional approaches

Endoprosthetic surgery: modern and traditional approaches


Does "Doctor Robot" outperform the best human surgeon?

Image: robots in surgery; Copyright: panthermedia.net/phonlamai

When combined with a navigation system, the robot can even remove residual cement from hard to reach areas – areas the surgeon has difficulties to get to as they are not visible to the naked eye.

Hip surgery: a careful comparison of the traditional versus the minimally invasive approach

Image: doctor consoles patients before surgery; Copyright: panthermedia.net/luckybusiness

The surgical option is the foundation for a speedy and successful recovery of the artificial joint. There are two surgical approaches to hip replacement - invasive or minimally invasive.

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Reducing surgical follow-ups

Image: medical scan of an endoprosthesis; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Shidlovski

The EvPro project is developing a biologically active coating that can control inflammation on the surface of the endoprosthesis and help it grow better into the bone. The aim is to reduce the number of follow-up operations after implantation.

A look into the future of surgery

Image: Diana Heiduk; Copyright: private

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