Covid-19: protective canopy prevents infection --

Covid-19: protective canopy prevents infection

Interview with Dr. Victor Norrefeldt, Group Manager Vehicle Climate Control Systems, Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP


Image: Dr. Victor Norrefeldt; Copyright: Fraunhofer IBP/Bernd Müller

Dr. Victor Norrefeldt

Image: Prototype of the airlock; Copyright: Fraunhofer IBP

The protective canopy developed by Fraunhofer IBP prevents infection with Covid-19 in the workplace.

Image: Explanation of how the airlock works at the workplace; Copyright: Fraunhofer IBP.

The protective canopy draws in room air, filters it and returns it above the person sitting or standing there. This creates a protective air curtain.

Image: Elena Blume; Copyright: P. Schmitz