All-round care for COPD: diagnosis, treatment, self-management

All-round care for COPD: diagnosis, treatment, self-management


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Cause number one for COPD: smoking. The first symptom, the so-called smoker's cough, is often not taken seriously by many people for years.

COPD develops gradually over several years

Detection, diagnosis, and monitoring

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The lung function of COPD patients is steadily decreasing. Regular monitoring, for example via peak flow meters, is therefore obligatory.

The building blocks of COPD treatment

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For an all-round care with COPD, the drug therapy should be supplemented by physical training. Lung sports groups that specialize in training with lung patients are ideal for this purpose.

All-round care thanks to self-initiative

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Smartphone apps are ideal for self-management in everyday life with chronic diseases such as COPD.

Components of a successful strategy

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