Organ-on-a-chip systems: limited validity?

Organ-on-a-chip systems: limited validity?

Interview with Prof. Thomas Korff, Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology, Medical Faculty at Heidelberg University


Image: Smiling man with brown hair and glasses - Prof. Thomas Korff; Copyright: private

Prof. Thomas Korff

Image: Graphic rendering of several cells in a petri dish; Copyright:

Cell clusters are cultivated in organ-on-a-chip systems. These clusters are partially able to mimic the function of human organs and can be tested in this regard. (Symbol picture)

Image: Schematic image of the human body with different organ systems; Copyright:

The human body is a complex system where different kinds of organs and cells interact. Its complexity cannot be built into Organ-on-a-chip systems. These systems are nowadys able to connect the cells of up to four organs.

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