Deep Visual Proteomics: tracking down cancer

Deep Visual Proteomics: tracking down cancer

Interview with Interview with Lisa Schweizer and Thierry Nordmann, Department "Proteomics and Signal Transduction", Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry


Image: Thierry Nordmann (left) & Lisa Schweizer are standing in the lab, each with a pipette in hand and a microtiter plate in front of them; Copyright: Susanne Vondenbusch-Teetz, MPI for Biochemistry

Thierry Nordmann and Lisa Schweizer are both in the team of the research department "Proteomics and Signal Transduction" at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. Together with Danish researchers, the team led by Prof. Dr. Matthias Mann has succeeded in revolutionizing cancer diagnostics.

Image: A person in a lab coat and disposable gloves places a liquid sample in a chromatograph; Copyright: microgen

Proteomic analyses can be used to visualize mechanisms that drive tumor development. However, the technological progress of mass spectrometry was also decisive for this.

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Image: Woman with short hair smiling - Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private