Telemedicine: easy breathing with AI for respiratory tract

Telemedicine: easy breathing with AI for respiratory tract

Interview with Wojciech Radomski, CEO, StethoMe


Image: Wojcech Radomski; Copyright: StethoMe

Wojcech Radomski, CEO of StethoMe

Image: Stethoscope StethoMe lies on a table next to a mobile phone, in the background there are the feet of a child; Copyright: StethoMe

The recorded lung auscultation sounds with StethoMe are analyzed by AI algorithms and transmitted to the physician's audiovisual dashboard, where an extended analysis of the sounds is performed.

Image: Happy family at home; Copyright: StethoMe

With StethoMe parents can meassure lung auscultation sounds and heart screening of their children comfortably at home. This enables a more efficient and accurate diagnosis, which can speed up the visit to the doctor.

Image: Stethoskop StethoMe; Copyright: StethoMe

So far StethoMe has participated in numerous pilot projects and integrations across Europe.

Bild: Diana Heiduk; Copyright: privat

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