Smart care: safety and relief thanks to AAL

Smart care: safety and support thanks to AAL


AAL – more than a Smart Home

Image: Hands holding a tablet with a smart home interface on the screen; Copyright:

Ambient Assisted Living is more than just a Smart Home.

Wearable support

Image: Wrist of an elderly woman with Smartwatch; Copyright:

Wearables help to monitor the vital functions of people in care without the need for a nurse to be present.

Why the technology has not fully caught on (yet)

Image: elderly man with walking stick lying on the floor after a fall; Copyright: Popov

Technical assistance systems increase safety, for example in the form of fall detection.

There is still work to be done

Image: elderly woman in a wheelchair showing a nurse something on a tablet; Copyright:

Technology does not make human assistance in care superfluous, but serves to relieve the strain and can ideally compensate for the shortage of skilled workers at some point.

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