Managing diabetes with self-learning and smart technology

Managing diabetes with diafyt thanks to self-learning and smart technology

Interview with D. Eng. René Richter, Institute of Precision Engineering and Electronic Design, TU Dresden


Image: smartphone with diabetes app, in front of it lays the insulin pen; Copyright: Nico Arnold | diafyt MedTech

Diabetes is a very data-heavy disease. Smart applications aim to make everyday life easier for those affected. A team of researchers from TUD and a Leipzig-based startup are now relying on a mix of AI and the latest sensor technology for improved blood glucose measurement.

Image: male upper body wearing a blue shirt and a sensor measuring his glucose levels on his arm while he is checking the data with his phone; Copyright: PantherMedia / AndreyPopov

Sensors for glucose measurement (CGM) are now often used instead of measurement by pricking the finger and using a test strip. Even more modern are semiconductor sensors such as those used by the Dresden researchers in their system.

Image: Woman with short hair smiling - Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private