AI-supported medical device certification

AI-supported medical device certification: "We want electronic approvals"

Interview with Professor Jochen Hampe, Spokesperson for the Else Kröner Fresenius Center for Digital Health at the Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden), and Dr. Georg Heidenreich, Quality Manager at Siemens Healthcare GmbH


Image: Man with dark blue shirt and glasses stands in a garden - Dr. Georg Heidenreich; Copyright: private

Dr. Georg Heidenreich

Image:A man in a white coat and glasses stands outside and smiles at the camera - Prof. Dr. Jochen Hampe; Copyright: Max Messer

Prof. Dr. Jochen Hampe

Image: Laptop showing an AI logo on the screen, in front of it sits a person holding a stethoscope; Copyright: M. Brombach / EKFZ

The aim of the KIMEDS joint project is to shorten the time from development to certification of innovative medical technology. Artificial intelligence also plays a role in this.