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Well regulated, well supplied

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Know-how at the pulse of time

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Numerous exhibitors and experts from the healthcare market:

Marcus Kuhlmann

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SPECTARIS association "Medical Technology"

Hans-Peter Bursig

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ZVEI Association "Electromedical Technology"

Dr. Dina Truxius

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BSI - Federal Office for Information Security

Jelena Ochs

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Manager Business Unit Life Sciences Engineering, Fraunhofer IPT

Highlights from the MTF 2019 program:

Monday, 18 November 2019

Opportunities and challenges of a digitalized healthcare industry

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

International market requirements and the future of science

News from the editorial office of MEDICA-tradefair.com

eHealth: Records could improve pediatric sepsis surveillance
Sepsis is a major public health problem, contributing to substantial disability, death, and healthcare costs in the United States among both adults and children. Though sepsis is the focus of worldwide prevention and quality improvement efforts, tracking sepsis rates and outcomes is challenging because a definitive diagnostic test does not yet exist.
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Protection through awareness and prevention - World Diabetes Day 2019
Do you know who celebrates his birthday on November 14th? It’s the Canadian surgeon Frederick Banting. Why is that important? Because he was the first to isolate the hormone insulin and thereby lay the foundation for the treatment of diabetes. That's why World Diabetes Day today reminds us of Banting, in 2019 for the 28th time already!
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News from the editorial office of MEDICA-tradefair.com

mHealth: Cost-effective system for diagnosing childhood pneumonia
A device designed by a team of faculty and student researchers at Sheridan's Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI) has the potential to impact the diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia - a significant cause of death for children worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.
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Wearable: transformative electronics systems
A KAIST team has designed a new strategy for electronics that will mechanically transform into a wearable electronic device. Imagine a handheld electronic gadget that can soften and deform when attached to our skin. This will be the future of electronics we all dreamed of.
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Virtual reality: bimodal "electronic skin"
Through the crafty use of magnetic fields, scientists from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) and the Johannes Kepler University in Linz have developed the first electronic sensor that can simultaneously process both touchless and tactile stimuli.
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Vaccines: super-antibody strategy
New influenza vaccines are required every autumn, because the viruses constantly change the components to which our immune protection responds. Medical research is focusing on universal vaccines that target more stable parts of the viruses. This new generation of broadly neutralising antibodies is particularly important for controlling life-threatening viral infections.
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Point-of-care diagnostic: detecting preterm birth
A new study provides a first step toward the development of an inexpensive point-of-care diagnostic test to assess the presence of known risk factors for preterm birth in resource-poor areas. The study found that measuring levels of TIMP-1 and D-lactic acid in vaginal secretions may be a non-invasive, cost-effective way to assess the risk for preterm birth.
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Defining the Future of Digital Health

For more input on regulations, ordinances, certification and quality assurance of medical technology products, take as well a look at COMPAMED:


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The new European Union Medical Device Regulation


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Medical Device Regulation: "We see many problems with the current timeline"