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Endoprotheses: regaining independence and mobility


Image: patient with knee pain; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Wavebreakmedia Itd

The implantation of endoprostheses is already a routine procedure. Endoprostheses of the knee, hip and ankle areas are most frequently implanted.

Partial vs. total endoprostheses

Balancing risk and reward

Delicate yet robust?

Image: cemented artificial hip endoprosthesis; Copyright: panthermedia.net/coddie

Thanks to a polymerized synthetic, the cemented endoprosthesis can be anchored immediately and stably in the bone.

Image: Graphic of a hip endoprosthesis implanted between pelvis and thigh; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Sebastian Kaulitzki

During the implantation of a hip endoprosthesis, the shaft is inserted into the natural milled thigh bone, while the ball head is pressed into the pelvic bone.

Products and exhibitors relating to endoprotheses

Image: implants at MEDICA; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

An implant that lasts forever?

More than just an artificial joint

Image: Diana Heiduk; Copyright: private

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