Wednesday, 11/14/2018 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

11/14/2018: The third day of MEDICA 2018!

Image: Banner of MEDICA Live Coverage 2018; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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Video: Physiotherapy today: virtual and diverse

This has already happened at MEDICA 2018!

Video interview: KUKA Deutschland GmbH

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Video: International diversity at MEDICA 2018

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Highlights of MEDICA 2018

Image: Ambulance outside area; Copyright: beta-web/Roth
MEDICA does not only take place in the halls: You can see some ambulances in the area outside hall 5.
Image: Colourful children's tourniquet; Copyright: beta-web/Wintrich
Vacuderm for kids is a children's tourniquet designed for the child to 'assist' the procedure and pump the dome. This new device will help improve success rates of venous access and is available with a child friendly turtle and a hedgehog design. (Hall 16/G25-1)
Image: Laser marking workspace; Copyright: beta-web/Wintrich
FOBA presents a software update for its laser marking workspaces at MEDICA 2018. It enables the exact alignment of the laser marking with a camera that has been integrated into the laser system, even when products are placed arbitrarily within the marking field. This makes expensive mounting devices unnecessary. (Hall 15/E05)
Photo: Virtual biopsy; Copyright: beta-web/Wintrich
In Hall 10/G05, Fraunhofer IGD presents software solutions for improving patient care, such as virtual biopsies.
Image: Several people; Copyright: beta-web/Roth
Happy Birthday! The Dr. Schumacher GmbH has celebrated its 40th birthday - and MEDICA has congratulated (left to right): Jens Schumacher, Michael Aupke, Vanessa Klein (Messe Düsseldorf), Dierk Schumacher. (Hall 6/H20)
Image: CT Trolley; Copyright: beta-web/Wintrich
The multifunctional "CT Trolley" does not give away directly what makes it special: It is radiolucent, so the patient can be examined right on top of it with CT and X-ray. (Hall 3/E83)
Image: Neurovent measuring catheter; Copyright: beta-web/Wintrich
The Neurovent measuring catheter is a medical device that can simultaneously measure intracranial pressure, the temperature and oxygen partial pressure inside the brain. (Hall 11/G42)
Bild: ASTAR PHYSIOMG; Copyright: beta-web/Wintrich
PHYSIOMG from ASTAR is a device for low-frequency magnetic field therapy. Find out more in Hall 5, stand C33.
Image: Person exercising at the AP-Tower; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
The AP-Tower can be individually adjusted in height, angle of attack and the loading and unloading situation of training and therapy. The symbiosis of active and passive measures enables a profound and effective treatment moment. You can find it in hall 4/A05.
Image: coffee bike; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Fancy a coffee break? Coffee and more at the coffee-bike in hall 17.

News from the exhibitors at MEDICA and COMPAMED