Thursday, 11/15/2018 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

11/15/2018: MEDICA 2018 - The Final

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Video: Patient care of the future? Robotics, AI and Big Data at MEDICA 2018

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This has already happened at MEDICA 2018!

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Video: Physiotherapy today: virtual and diverse

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Image: Assembly Automation; Copyright: beta-web / Heiduk

Assembly Automation from GINOLIS is a standard platform that offers high-quality solutions for the manufacture and processing of medical and diagnostic products. The product is not only compact and small, but also features highly robust robot modules that ensure consistent production quality.

(Halle 18 / C09)

Image: Colony Counter Systems; Copyright: beta-web / Heiduk

Colony Counter Systems from AID is an automated colony counter that examines and analyzes a large number of plates containing bacterial colonies or other organisms on various types of agar plates. The product is particularly suitable for microbiological laboratories.

(Halle 18 / C02)

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Biopreserve from patholab is a system for packaging tissue samples in a container with formalin addition. The delivery of formalin and the sealing of the containers takes place automatically by a robot in the airtight ventilation compartment.

(Halle 18 / B09)

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Dr. Fantahun Biadglegne Degeneh is Chief Academic and Research Director at Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia and would like to compare the German healthcare system with that in Africa. He thinks: "MEDICA is a great opportunity to discover diagnostic materials that can be distributed all over the world. I really appreciate that."
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Last week Jamila Nabieva organized a workshop for the DAAD in Heidelberg with 25 health experts from 17 countries. Now they are at MEDICA, where they already visited the CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM, the HEALTH IT FORUM and the DiMiMED.
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Eseme Elias Tong is Healthcare Manager from Cameroon and says: "I am at MEDICA to see the technological progress. I'm interested in how both personal and professional skills can be combined with technology for better health management".
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Dr. Lena Figge from the University of Lübeck has a PhD in Molecular Imaging and is looking forward today in the MEDICA LABMED FORUM especially "to the exchange of young scientists with companies".
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Dr. Ronald Biemann works at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry. At today's MEDICA LABMED FORUM he would like to get more in contact with industry representatives. "This is often neglected when working in the laboratory."
Image: Regalsysteme für Medikamente und Instrumente; Copyright: beta-web/Wackerbauer
Everything is in order here: No falling out, no falling down. But a large overview and many labelling options. You can take a closer look at H+H SYSTEM's medicine organisation racks and storage systems in Hall 13 / A31.
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Thanks to videomed in Hall 13/A32: Experience the latest in 4K video integration and prefabricated modular solution!

News from the exhibitors at MEDICA and COMPAMED