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MEDICA becomes number one trade fair for health start-ups too


Health care is rapidly becoming digital worldwide. More and more applications for prevention, diagnostics and therapy are migrating as apps (in combination with suitable hardware) to smartphones and tablets or are even available as wearables for use close to the body. Once again, MEDICA will provide a good overview of the latest innovations.
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Photo: Laboratory medicine is a main topic of MEDICA in Düsseldorf.

The MEDICA LABMED FORUM highlights laboratory medicine’s top topics


What functions will the laboratories of the future perform? And how can they make even more accurate diagnoses, ideally more quickly and at the place of treatment? From 18 to 21 November 2019, visitors in Düsseldorf will find the answers to these questions at MEDICA, the world’s largest and leading medical trade fair with more than 5,000 exhibitors.
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7th MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE: Top sports provide the health industry with captivating innovations


What lengths do top athletes go to in order to reach peak performances and which findings in the field of professional sports are relevant for the public at large? These are just two of the questions that are being asked at this year’s 7th MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE (MMSC) on Wednesday, 20 November, and Thursday, 21 November 2019.
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Photo: Winner cups of the MEDICA App COMPETITION

The only way is app! MEDICA App COMPETITION 2019 launches


Held in Düsseldorf, the world’s leading medical trade fair, MEDICA, is also the world’s number 1 when it comes to start-ups in the health sector. Accordingly, several hundred start-ups will once again be among the more than 5,000 exhibitors that are bringing their innovations for inpatient and outpatient healthcare to MEDICA 2019 from 18 to 21 November.
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