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06/08/2022: Too much technology in sports?


Topic of the Month: Exergames: leveraging the fun of games to support therapy; Interview: Technology in sports – the right balance; News: Human liver treated in a machine and transplanted for the first time; News: 3D printed, bioinspired heart valves; News: Virtual biopsy set to transform heart transplant care; News: Your liver is just under three years old
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06/01/2022: Exergames in physiotherapy


Topic of the Month: Exergames in physiotherapy; Video: Sonography training – Inexpensive models from the 3D printer; News: Review of 3D visualization techniques of medical images; News: Magnetic device isolates rarest white blood cells; News: Same symptom – different cause?; News: Telehealth: Performing virtual frailty exams in the home; News: AI helps diagnose post-COVID lung problems
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05/25/2022: The contact-free sleep laboratory


Topic of the Month: Cold plasma: Contactless disinfection of surfaces; Video: Sonography training – Inexpensive models from the 3D printer; Interview: Sleepiz is your contactless at-home sleep laboratory; News: 3D-based position control in radiotherapy; News: New method revolutionizes cancer diagnosis; News: A bright spot for microbiological diagnostics
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05/18/2022: International Nurses Day


Topic of the Month: Production in hygiene; News: Hyperpolarized nuclear MR; News: Process chains for isolation and analysis: from single cells to organoids; News:Virtual reality to give UTSA students unique look at proteins; News: Multi-tasking wearable continuously monitors glucose, alcohol, and lactate
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05/11/2022: Printed orthoses for injured fingers


Topic of the Month: Disinfection: Solutions to stop pathogens from spreading; Interview: Finger orthosis: Custom fit with 3D printing; News: High-frequency spinal cord stimulation shows improved longer lasting pain relief; News: Optimizing digital contact tracing for infectious diseases; News: When speaking is difficult; News: Plug-and-play organ-on-a-chip can be customized to the patient
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05/04/2022: Hygiene and sterilization: Hightech for clean surfaces


Topic of the Month: Hygiene and sterilization; News: MRI identifies markers of atypical brain development in preterm children; News: Machine learning model can steer traumatic brain injury patients to life-saving care; News: Diagnostics: Digitisation of the sense of smell; News: Weather data predict risk of hospital congestion; News: Leukaemia: Previously unknown risk factors in adulthood
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04/27/2022: Smart diabetes management with diafyt


Topic of the Month: ResGuard Med; Interview: Diabetes management with diafyt; News: Radiation therapy: Weapon against tumours, boost for the immune system; News: Joystick-operated robot could help surgeons treat stroke remotely; News: Nanoparticles show promise for locating, removing endometriosis lesions; World Laboratory Day 2022: Celebrate your lab!
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04/20/2022: Communication via eye-tracking


Topic of the Month: Telediagnostic solutions; Video: Intensive care patients: Communication via eye-tracking systems; News: Enhancing deep sleep; News: AI predicts if - and when - someone will have cardiac arrest; News: Highly accurate, 30-second coronavirus test
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04/13/2022: Performance with masks


Topic of the Month: Telemedicine: Safe diagnostics in the pandemic - and beyond; Interview: Does wearing masks affect endurance and athletic performance?; Video: Intensive care patients: Communication via eye-tracking systems; News: Nerve stimulation with the help of implantable mini solar cells; News: Using hydrogel to remove kidney stone fragments
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04/06/2022: Telemedicine as an alternative


Topic of the Month: Telemedicine as an alternative; Interview: chronic pain treatment via AI; News: Optoacoustics for high-precision neuromodulation; News: AI enables personalized treatment of myocarditis; News: New computational model proposed for Alzheimer's disease; News: New technology could make biopsies a thing of the past; News: In the heat of the wound
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