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12/15/2021: Implants make senses


Thema des Monats: Implants for the senses – Hearing and seeing with technology; Interview: Deep Learning: How artificial neural networks can support diagnostics; News: AI: Standardized methods facilitate the evaluation of Raman spectra; News: MRI and hybrid imaging outperform conventional tests for small cell lung cancer staging
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12/01/2021: Relentless helpers in the lab


Video: Digital and automated laboratory – Robots as multifunctional helpers; Interview: Fostering Digital Health Competency Skills with Continuing Education; News: Compact CRISPR system enables portable COVID-19 testing; News: Wearable device can detect and reverse opioid overdose; News: X-ray image throws light on neurodegenerative disease
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11/24/2021: The digital path to the prosthesis


Video: Digitalization in orthopedic technology – A craft is changing; Review of MEDICA 2021; News: Serious mental illness? There's an app for that; News: Gutenberg Gait Database published; News: AI and genomic surveillance combine to detect health care infectious disease outbreaks
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09/15/2021: The spine live on the screen


Topic of the Month: Wearables: smart helpers in sports medicine; Video: Machine Vision – The new navigation for spine surgery; News: Microscopy plus AI equals rapid COVID-19 detection; News: Signs of dementia are written in the blood, reveals new study; News: Calculated risk – A new tool to predict mortality in patients with liver failure
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09/08/2021: Fighting tumors with microbubbles


Topic of the Month: Wearables: smart helpers in sports medicine; Interview: Histotripsy: fighting tumors with microbubbles; News: Blood test obviates unnecessary surgery in colon cancer patients; News: Using video for the early detection of autism; News: Amulet occluder shows promise against Watchman device in atrial fibrillation
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09/01/2021: Higher, faster – pain-free


Topic of the Month: Training optimization with the help of wearables; Countdown of the 10th MEDICA Start-up Competition; News: Improving strength, stretchiness and adhesion in hydrogels for wound healing; News: Genetic test better than blood test for cardiovascular diseases; News: Continuous heart rhythm monitoring and treatment if indicated does not prevent stroke
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08/25/2021: Finding free beds with bluetooth


Topic of the Month: SWIR Imaging: The Power of Multi-Color Real-Time Technology; Interview: Bed sensors facilitate fast location of available hospital beds; Video: Deep Brain Stimulation – Measuring electrodes against Parkinson's disease; News: Remote detection of viruses on surfaces; News: First steerable catheter for brain surgery; News: Magnets could offer better control of prosthetic limbs
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08/18/2021: The optimal middle course


Topic of the month: Bringing stents precisely to their destination with cardiac catheter robots; News: Coordinating the training of professional soccer players through data analysis; News: NIH scientists develop faster COVID-19 test; News: Artificial intelligence will diagnose heart diseases and diabetes; News: Robotic scanner automates diagnostic imaging in the eye
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08/11/2021: Stroke: charged-up rehab


Interview: Stroke rehabilitation: regaining arm movement with nerve stimulation; Topic of the Month: Obtaining an accurate view of blood vessels for surgery; News: Wearable technology can help in at-home assessment of myoclonic jerks; News: High-dose gait training with robotic exoskeleton after acute stroke; News: Fitness apps keep us moving; News: Virtual Reality App against MRI-Related Fear
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08/04/2021: High-resolution images in the OR


Topic of the Month: Possibilities of medical imaging; News: Ultraviolet sensors for use in wearables; News: Seeing better by looking away; News: New Method of X-Ray Imaging; News: Breath test to determine correct treatment for epilepsy; News: Organoid bladders reveal secrets of UTIs; News: Innovative wound care – customized wound dressings made from tropoelastin
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