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05/13/2020: In the OR with colleague robot


Topic of the Month: Robotic-assisted surgical systems; Interview: Medication management app "eMMa"; News: Print your own laboratory-grade microscope; News: Canadian team first in world to treat COVID-19 with specialized dialysis; News: Portable, reusable test for COVID-19; News: Physicists design FDA-approved, open-source ventilator
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05/06/2020: COVID-19: Support for intensive care units


Topic of the Month: Robotics in the OR; Video: In the intensive care unit: Together against COVID-19; News: Smartwatch detects severe coronary ischemia; News: AI: distinguishing pneumonia from COVID-19; News: Green method to produce hydrogen peroxide in hospitals; News: Researchers help give robotic arms a steady hand for surgeries; News: Hand Hygiene Day 2020
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04/22/2020: Versatile in-ear wearable


Article: BSL-4 laboratories: highest levels of safety and protection Topic of the Month; Interview: In-ear sensors for monitoring vital parameters; News: A non-invasive way of monitoring diabetes; News: WHO-recommended disinfectants effective against novel coronavirus; News: Imaging: lighting the way to safer heart procedures; News: 3D printed personal protection equipment for hospitals
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04/15/2020: Protection against infection while working in the laboratory


Article: Laboratory safety: infection prevention in the work area; News: Coronavirus: saliva test gets FDA approval; News: Coronavirus: new high-precision radiology system; News: Tool helps researchers watch neural activity in 3D; News: Algorithm protects surgical team against COVID-19 infection; News: Implants: Next-generation brain interfaces
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04/08/2020: Safety and protection in the laboratory


Topic of the Month: The safe laboratory – protection through technology; News: Hospital device re-purposed to record patient mobility; News: New ventilator based on resuscitation bags; News: Visualization tool illustrates critical care bed capacities; News: AI to predict corona-patients' risk of needing ventilators; News: Blood test detects over 50 cancer types; Interview: Ultrasound to go
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04/01/2020: Germ-free drinking water in the hospital


Video: Disinfection methods of hospital drinking water; News: AI system empowers medical professionals in diagnosing skin diseases; News: X-rays can now tell us about soft tissues; News: AI: predicting which COVID-19 patients develop respiratory disease; News: OncoMX knowledgebase enables research of cancer biomarkers; News: Nanostructured rubber-like material could replace human tissue
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03/25/2020: Coronavirus: protection thanks to intelligent disinfection


Topic of the Month: mHealth in cardiology; Interview: Smart protection against pathogens; Video: Medical products made of collagen; News: Novel coronavirus test provides fast, accurate results; News: AI device collects health data for flu and pandemic forecasting; News: Recyclable face masks to better protect against corona; News: Telemedicine: Coronavirus mobile app for contact tracing
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03/18//2020: Controlling the catheter with AI


Topic of the Month: Cardiology: A Non-Invasive Heart Screening Test ; Interview: Using AI to navigate the catheter; News: Insoles: AI-powered shoes; News: Genetics: New low-cost method to reduce DNA errors; News: Genetic screening: New CRISPR technology to target RNA viruses; News: App detects side effect of breast cancer treatment
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03/11/2020: Joint replacement - exploring movement anew


Topic of the Month: Cardiology: digital solutions support those coping with chronic illness; Video: What endoprotheses achieve; News: Implants: powering devices goes skin deep; News: Coronavirus: app for rapid at-home assessment; News: Robot draws blood using artificial intelligence and imaging; News: DNA: sequencing technique shortens diagnosis of sepsis
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03/04/2020: Cardiology to go and in the cloud


Topic of the Month: Digital cardiology: analyzing data beat by beat; Interview: eGym: "Fitness training is as important as brushing your teeth"; News: Personalized medicine: putting precision oncology into practice; News: Exercise advice for people with spinal cord injury; News: AI helps predict heart attacks and stroke; News: Mass spectrometry for precision medicine
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