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03/20/2019: Lung ventilation: quickly restored to health


Topic of the Month: Restoring Pulmonary Function; News: Implants: From foam to bone; News: Robot guided video game against dementia; News: Wearables: Faster detection of atrial fibrillation; News: Imaging: A peek into lymph nodes; News: Imaging: revealing life-threatening pregnancy disorder
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03/13/2019: Limb lengthening: bearing the full load


Topic of the Month: All-round care for COPD; Interview: Orthopedic implant with full weight-bearing capacity; News: Imaging: revealing life-threatening pregnancy disorder; News: Brain stimulation improves depression symptoms; News: mHealth: SniffPhone detects cancer from breath; News: New optical imaging system finds tiny tumors
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03/06/2019: COPD: 360° care


Topic of the Month: comprehensive COPD management; Video: Endoprostheses; News: Could blockchain ensure integrity of clinical trial data?; News: Nuclear medicine imaging monitors melanoma-therapy; News: 'lab-on-a-chip' detects cancer; News: ML: Tool reveals molecular causes of disease; News: MRI sensor can image activity deep within the brain; News: AI platform detects neurodegenerative diseases
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02/27/2019: Sensitive treatment for sensitive bodies


Topic of the Month: Multi-Organ Chips; Interview: Gentle respiration for preemies; Video: Radiotherapy with the MR-Linac; News: mHealth: researching memory with apps; News: Robotic sensor technology diagnoses reproductive health problems; News: A prosthetic that restores the sense; News: Powering a pacemaker with a patient's heartbeat; News: Artificial intelligence platform for ALS care
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02/20/2019: Organ-chips: Research on an ethical level?


Topic of the Month: Organ-on-a-chip systems; News: Graphene-based wearables for health monitoring; News: Imaging: PET/CT agent for better VTE diagnosis; News: Holographic microscopy to investigate cell stress; News: Gaming technologies help cancer patients; News: Targeting epilepsy with electrodes; News: Machine learning predicts unnecessary surgerie; Video: Radiotherapy with the MR-Linac
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02/13/2019: Sports: safe training with wearables


Topic of the Month: Organs in miniature format; Interview: Preventing injuries with wearable sensors; News: 3D-bioprinted brain tumor shows interaction with immune cells; News: Big data approach evaluates autism treatments; News: Gummy-like robots prevent disease; News: Virtual lens improves X-ray microscopy
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02/06/2019: Mini organs of the future


Topic of the Month: Organ-on-a-chip - the mini organs of the future?; News: Learning transistor mimics the brain; News: 3D imaging technique reveals pancreatic cancers start; News: Artificial intelligence-tool for chemotherapy dosages; News:Intelligent system for lung cancer diagnostics; News: Microvessel-on-a-chip sheds light on angiogenesis; News: World Cancer Day 2019
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01/30/2019: The best of two worlds – hybrid imaging devices


Topic of the Month: Modern diabetes therapies; Video: Hybrid Imaging; News: The healing effect of radon; News: Can a blood test detect lung-transplant rejection?; News: Using artificial intelligence for error correction; News: Patient communication: paper beats tablet PC
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01/23/2019: Dynamics in static sitting


Topic of the Month: Digital look inside the human eye; Interview: Dynamic sitting; News: Early Prediction of Alzheimer’s Progression in Blood; News: New blood vessel system discovered in bones; News: Discovery of bacterial signature of intestinal disease; News: Molecular profiling could catch lung cancer
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01/16/2019: More feeling for hand-prostheses


Topic of the Month: DiaDigital; News: 3D printed implant promotes nerve cell growth; News: WSU smart home tests first elder care robot; News: Bionic reconstruction after amputation of a hand; News: AI makes life easier for hearing aid users
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