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12/12/2018: Movement thanks to grasping intelligence


Topic of the Month: Back to health; Interview: SoftHand; News: Shape shifting cell breakthrough; News: Digital mammography increases breast cancer detection; News:Whole-brain imaging of mice during behavior; News: Cancer cells distinguished by artificial intelligence-based system; News: PET scans to optimize tuberculosis meningitis treatments
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12/05/2018: Electrical Effectiveness - healing methods alongside conventional Medicine


Topic of the Month: Electrical Effectiveness - healing methods alongside conventional Medicine; News: Scientists know where your eyes will look; News: No bleeding required: anemia detection via smartphone; News: Retail outlets using telehealth pose significant privacy concerns; News: Tele-ERs can help strengthen rural hospitals
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11/28/2018: MoreGrasp - Gripping despite paraplegia?


Topic of the Month: Digitization: Hospitals as Popular Targets?; Interview: MoreGrasp – being able to grasp again with paraplegia; News: Imaging technology measures magnetite levels in the brain; News: Microscope measures muscle weakness; News: Brain-computer interface for people with paralysis: News: New surgical technique for studying the thymus; Video: AI classifies blood cells
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11/21/2018: Kidney stones: smash, glue, remove


Final Press Release; Topic of the Month: POCT in high-performance sports; Interview: A clean kidney; News: More effective hydrogel for healing wounds; News: Machine learning: predict emergency admission; News: Computer classifies breast cancer tumors; News: Artificial intelligence predicts treatment effectiveness
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11/13/2018: What's the news? Up to date at MEDICA 2018


Video: MEDICA 2018 – where the medicine of tomorrow starts; Interview: MEDICA ECON FORUM: Focus on healthcare in the digital age; Photo gallery: Classic, smart and virtual – physiotherapy and rehabilitation; Article: CellAED: simply SNAP…PEEL…STICK and save a life; Video: OR-equipment; Photo gallery: Diagnosis in rapid succession: point-of-care tests and laboratory medicine
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11/07/2018: See, experience, learn: what's new at MEDICA 2018


Topic of the Month: What's new at MEDICA 2018; News: AI predicts Alzheimer's years before diagnosis; News: New material may make broken fillings a thing of the past; News: New epilepsy warning device could save thousands of lives; News: EU funds doctoral training with around 4 million euros; News: New device improves balance in veterans with Gulf War Illness; New: New fluorescent marker
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10/31/2018: Fighting resistances with AI


Topic of the Month: With modern imaging supplies: A look into the lung; News: Testing cells for cancer drug resistance; News: Safer and less expensive X-ray imaging; News: Smartphone app prevents disease outbreaks
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10/24/2018: Old age, better healthcare?


Topic of the Month: low-dose CT; Interview: Healthy aging; News: Nerve-on-a-chip makes neuroprosthetics more effective; News: New robot helps the elderly exercise; News: 3D bioprinting - artificial blood vessels; Company News: Canada at MEDICA, Düsseldorf (November 12 - 15, 2018)
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10/17/2018: Digital sleep assistant


Topic of the Month: Lung segmentation; News:New tool developed at Brown will aid in understanding brain signals; News: New method uses just a drop of blood; News: 3D mammography; News: Making imaging tests safer for people at risk of acute kidney injury; News: Artificial Intelligence Aids Automatic Monitoring; 3D fab+print Additive Manufacturing Conference; Event database; Company News: FRIWO
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10/10/2018: Prescription for exercise


Topic of the Month: Lung Imaging – Keeping the Respiratory System Healthy; Interview: Exercise Prescription for Health: sports instead of pills; News: New DNA tool predicts height - shows promise for illness assessment; News: Satiety in 3D; News: Inverted exoskeleton for early rehabilitation after stroke; Advetorial: Recruiting and Jobs in Medtech and Life Sciences at MEDICA
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