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Brain mapping: preoperative planning with functional MRI

Interview with Dr. Alexander Smirnov, Neuroradiology Department, "N.N. Burdenko National Medical Research Center of Neurosurgery", Moscow


Image: Dr. Alexander Smirnov; Copyright: privat

Dr. Alexander Smirnov

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Image: tb-fMRI Scan; Copyright: A. Smirnov

With the fMRI, images of at least two states must be taken and compared – in the activity state at the desired stimulus situation (tb-fMRI) and in the rest state without stimulus (rs-fMRI).

Image: rs-fMRI Scan; Copyright: A. Smirnov

Thanks to the various images, it is possible to see which brain regions were addressed by the stimulus situation. This allows conclusions to be drawn about brain function.

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Image: Imaging at MEDICA; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Image: Close-up of a woman lying in an MRI device; Copyright: Robinson

With functional MRI, the activity level of certain brain areas can be made visible.

Bild: Elena Blume; Copyright: P. Schmitz

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