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Image: Bandage arm wound with sterile plaster pad, emergency treatment by an elderly man.; Copyright: ARTFULLY79


New material helps diabetic wounds heal quickly


Scientists have discovered a new material that can be applied to diabetic wounds to heal them faster with just one application.
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Image: Elderly woman gets bandages applied by a doctor; Copyright: gpointstudio


Flatworm-inspired medical adhesives stop blood loss


Drawing inspiration from nature, researchers from McGill University have developed a medical adhesive that could save lives, modeled after structures found in marine animals like mussels and flatworms.
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Image: A scientist fills plasma-treated liquids into a test tube with a pipette; Copyright: Toni Santiso / Rectimepro

Toni Santiso / Rectimepro

Boosting new gas plasma-based treatments for cancer


Exploring the possibilities of atmospheric-pressure plasmas to develop and consolidate new medical therapies is the main objective of the PlasTHER network, an initiative funded by the European Union under the COST Actions.
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Image: A prosthetist removes the measure from a person with a disability, a man with an amputating leg; Copyright: ASphotostudio


3D treatment could revolutionise diabetes treatment


Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have designed a new bandage treatment, known as a scaffold, to treat diabetic foot ulcers, which is cost-effective while improving patient outcomes.
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Image: The research team, consists of three men, poses in front of an institute building; Copyright: LIT


Synthetic biosensors reprogram Treg cells to tame autoimmunity and chronic inflammation


Scientists from the Division of Immunology at the Leibniz Institute for Immunotherapy (LIT) have now developed new types of synthetic biosensors, so-called artificial immune receptors (AIRs), which can be used to reprogram Treg cells into intelligent "smart" Tregs.
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Bild: Two men in lab coats, Dr. Robert Zweigerdt and Professor Dr. Ulrich Martin, talk in the laboratory on equipment for biotechnology; Copyright: Karin Kaiser / MHH

Karin Kaiser / MHH

New cells for the diseased heart


EU funds research project on cell-based heart repair with 6.1 million euros.
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Image: Man with mouthguard and laboratory glasses holding Petri dish up; Copyright:

Cardiac Tissue Engineering: a heart out of the Petri dish


For patients waiting for donor organs, every day can mean the difference between life and death. Making things even more complicated is the fact that not every organ is a compatible match with the patient. It would mean enormous progress if we could grow organs from the patient's own cells in the lab. That's why patients with heart disease place big hope in tissue engineering.
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Image: Marathon runner; Copyright:

Sports medicine – keep moving to stay healthy


Physical activity plays a big role in today's society. Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete – incorporating exercise into your life positively impacts your mental and physical health. Ideally, sport should be fun, pressure-free and not overburden you. But can you measure individual performance and align it with sports?
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