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biolitec® at Medica 2021 and online at – Major success for biolitec® in patent litigation before the German Federal Supreme Court on ELVeS® Radial®

Jena, November 12th, 2021 - Finally the time has come, Medica is taking place on site again! And of course, the laser pioneer biolitec® cannot miss it. In order to provide customers and interested parties with the best possible service not only in hall 10 at booth H44, but also online, biolitec® has recently launched the virtual trade show website Here, medical professionals can find relevant information on biolitec®'s therapies in their field of expertise. In addition to videos, current studies and other interesting information, the English-language website also offers the possibility to get in touch directly with the biolitec® representative who will be present. But also in the legal area as well as in research, there are exciting news about the therapies of the laser pioneer:

On September 7th, 2021, an important decision was made by the German Federal Supreme Court for biolitec® 's ELVeS® Radial® laser therapy: the German part of the European patent EP 2 620 119 for radial fibers is upheld to a limited extent (Case No. BGH X ZR 77/19). This is a great success, as a competitor had tried to have the entire patent of biolitec® declared null and void through nullity proceedings. The combination of Radial® fiber and the wavelength ranges of 1470 +/- 30 nm or 1950 +/- 30 nm, which are particularly suitable for varicose vein treatment, remain reserved for the inventor of the innovative laser system. biolitec® will now examine the products on the market for patent infringement and, in the event of patent infringement, take legal action.

In the area of research, there have recently been very good results for biolitec®, particularly in proctology and phlebology: for example, the SiLaC® laser therapy of biolitec® for sinus pilonidalis convinced surgeon Ivan Romic and his colleagues in July 2021, who rated the method as promising in their study review. They included 10 studies with a total of 971 patients. Primary healing was observed in 94.4% of those treated. Minor complications occurred in only 10%.1 Postoperative pain is also significantly lower with LHP® laser therapy compared to conventional hemorrhoid treatment methods. In comparison with sutured mucopexy and excisional hemorrhoidectomy, laser hemorrhoidoplasty was convincing in the randomized, double-blind, prospective single-center study by T. Poškus and his colleagues, with shorter convalescence and highest patient satisfaction.2

In phlebology, biolitec® scores with its ELVeS® Radial® laser therapy for varicose veins. Since the introduction of the patented radial fiber by biolitec® in 2008, the vascular surgeons Mr. Disselhoff and Mr. der Kinderen have judged the method to be a patient-friendly application with significantly fewer complications.3 In a study by P. Pavei on long-term results, 98% of all those treated with this method were still asymptomatic or showed a significant improvement even after 10 years.4

As a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive laser therapies, biolitec® is continuously expanding its areas of application. The latest offering is the innovative ThyLA DUAL technique: a laser thermoablation of thyroid nodules that reduces nodule volume by around 50% after just three months and optimally spares healthy thyroid tissue. The function-preserving procedure is very suitable for repeated use as well as for high-risk patients and can be performed under local anesthesia. Thanks to the combination of the specially developed ThyLA fiber and the proven LEONARDO® DUAL 45 diode laser, a controlled penetration depth and very good ultrasound visibility are achieved.

The TULA® method (Trans-Urethral Laser Ablation) for non-muscle-invasive bladder tumors has made a name for itself in the UK and is increasingly being used in Germany. The short, outpatient procedure can be used in patients on blood-thinning medication, among other things, and does not require anesthesia. Some urologists only use an anesthetic gel for the preceding cystoscopy. The TULA® fiber and the handy LEONARDO® Mini Dual are used for this.

At the Medica in Düsseldorf, the biolitec® team welcomes you in hall 10 at booth H44. Get to know the LEONARDO® laser family and other minimally invasive laser therapies for the fields of gynecology, urology, thoracic surgery, and orthopedics.

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