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Longstanding Customer gets new Routine Equipment

Zürich, Switzerland – Micromed Group places seven new BRAIN QUICK Systems at the Swiss Epilepsy Center (EPI Clinic) in Lengg after refurbishment of the exam rooms.
EPI-Clinic by the Swiss Foundation for Epilepsy
The Swiss Epilepsy Foundation is characterized by a lively variety of services and offers for people with various impairments and for people with epilepsy or other neurological diseases. The SEZ (Swiss Epilepsy Center) is a broadly networked organization in which experts work closely together on the topic of epilepsy and provide comprehensive epilepsy-related services. The Epilepsy Clinic in Lengg is the largest clinic in Switzerland specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and other seizure-type disorders.

Routine Equipment for Hospital Lengg
After Micromed Group already installed LTM systems in 2019 to the hospital in Lengg, we are happy to announce that our longstanding customer also decided to purchase systems for the routine EEG diagnostic. Four stationary EEG systems have been shipped to Lengg already fully preinstalled and preconfiogured. Once the refurbishment of the rooms are finalized, the machines will be moved to its final spot. Addtionally to the stationary devices, we already provided one BRAIN QUICK mobile EEG system, one BRAIN QUICK LTM system with 64 channels for telemetry and one BRAIN QUICK mobile video EEG with 64 channels for the surgical department of the university hospital Zurich.

We provide best Services
We are glad that our customer is statisfied by our extensive service and after sales support so we could provide the hospital of with the high quality and useful functionailty of the BRAIN QUICK product line. Great praise goes to our colleagues Mr. Riccardo Solda, business unit manager for BRAIN QUICK, and Mr. Michael Schneider, Application Specialist LTM, who do their best to answer all customers’ questions and provide optimal support.

New business in Switzerland
Together with our colleague, Mr. Christian Erhardt, who is our responsible area manager for Switzerland, we provide also in future best services and look forward to demonstrate our devices in more clinics or hospitals on site.

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