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Interdental brush paro®slider, the revolution of interdental cleaning

The design of a dentist developed by Nowak Engineering and implemented by paro®. A dentist, who originally studied mechanical engineering, pursued an idea for several years, which revolutionizes the cleaning of the interdental spaces. The patented concept has now been successfully implemented in close cooperation with developers and injection molders.

Dental care is gaining more importance worldwide, as shown by various recent studies. By now dental care includes more than just the normal toothbrush. Especially the cleaning of the interdental spaces becomes more and more important. The toothbrush cleans only 65% of the tooth surface. Experts recommend that in addition a thorough cleaning of the interdental spaces should be done once a day.
Particularly with implants, cleaning the interdental spaces is essential. Recent studies suggest that bacterial foci of inflammation build up in the gum around the screw in every tenth implant after five to ten years. The bacteria settle on the implant screw and form a biofilm there, protected from the body's immune system, they multiply and attack gums and bones.
Interdental brushes clean open interdental spaces better than dental floss. The palpation of the interdental spaces in the posterior region is extremely cumbersome without visual contact. Most of the time you bend the brush. Especially for older patients, the cleaning process is extremely difficult. No product on the market considered this problem so far. Once the brush is bent, you have to fix it again and start looking for the gap again.

With the innovative paro®slider, the tedious search for interdental spaces with the interdental brush lies in the past. The product allows for easy, closed-mouth interdental cleaning - as simple and effective as never before. Thanks to the anatomically shaped soft cup of the paro®slider, the interdental space can be easily felt. By gently pushing the handy knob, the interdental brush slides effortlessly into the interdental space and cleans it.

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