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Innovative drain disinfectant that kills and prevents biofilms launched at MEDICA 2019

Infection prevention specialist GAMA Healthcare is launching a ground-breaking drain disinfectant at MEDICA 2019 that kills, removes and prevents formation of biofilms, including the highly resistant Gram-negative species.

Featuring foaming peracetic acid generating granules, Clinell Drain Disinfectant takes only 15 minutes to eradicate even the most persistent of biofilms, preventing regrowth for at least 4 days.

Ideal for cleaning and high-level disinfecting of sink and shower drains in augmented care hospital wards, the unique formulation targets throughout the entire drainage system killing bacteria and the slimy build up of biofilm in which germs survive and multiply.

It breaks down stubborn biofilms and destroys 99.9999% of bacteria including hard-to-eradicate pathogens such as Klebsiella, Pseudomonas and Enterobacter.

Whilst ‘traditional’ chlorine-based treatments only kill the bacteria living close to and around the sink outlet – allowing them to regrow quickly – Clinell Drain Disinfectant tackles both the bacteria and the way they thrive, all the way down through the drainage trap.

After an initial usage of three consecutive days, using Clinell Drain Disinfectant twice weekly can help prevent the regrowth of biofilms.  This helps to prevent healthcare-associated infections and potential water-related outbreaks of infection.  The product can be used as part of a hospitals planned preventive maintenance programme to avoid ward closures and costly maintenance and replacement costs.

Dr Teresa Layer, Science and Innovation Director at GAMA Healthcare said: “Working in collaboration with researchers at Cardiff University, GAMA Healthcare is pioneering new and innovative ways to tackle biofilms in healthcare environments. The development of Clinell Drain Disinfectant is the result of two years of collaborative work and we are extremely delighted to be able to launch it on the UK Pavilion at MEDICA this week.”

GAMA Healthcare is a dynamic, innovative company at the forefront of infection prevention technology. The company specialises in the manufacture and distribution of revolutionary infection prevention control products and the provision of exceptional training and aftercare support.

Founded by two medical doctors, GAMA is the preferred choice for infection prevention professionals worldwide. To find out more visit the company on the ABHI UK Pavilion in hall 16, stand 16M 11-1.

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