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POCT analysis using multi-way biosensors

The analytical tools available today in general are laboratory analyzer on one side and personal home care on the other side. The lab analyzer provide highest quality of analysis, however, it is not as close as possible at the “care side”. That is possible by the well known disposable systems which are of high value for patients at home.

Our Glukometer 3000 Technology is filling the gap in between providing lab quality POCT systems “no bigger than a paperback” based on our innovative multi-way biosensors. By using these multi-way biosensors we combine the advantages of lab analyzers (precise and cost effective) with the advantages of disposable strips (immediate results and easy to use)! The instruments for professional analysis are on the market for glucose and lactate determinations.

Using the Glukometer 3000®, the first representative of our technology, within 3 seconds after placement of a capillary blood sample into the instrument the result is provided; one multi-way glucose sensor is useful for 1000 samples within one month.
The Glukometer 3000 is providing RiLiBÄK conform quality control and optionally the instrument can be included into a hospital information system.

The LactatProfi 3000® is a similar Point of Care Testing instrument providing lactate concentrations from capillary blood samples in professional quality. Within a few seconds a wide concentration range from 0.5 mM lactate to 25 mM lactate is covered; more than 750 values can be stored. After sending these data to a personal computer via docking station the training state of human athletes (or race horses etc.) can be calculated very simple by data management.
a data management is very simple to calculate. Within one month you can use one lactate multi-way sensor for up to 400 samples.

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