Tsubaki Nakashima - announces aquisition of Rispa Srl and Italian medical devices molding manufacturer..


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Tsubaki Nakashima - announces aquisition of Rispa Srl and Italian medical devices molding manufacturer..

Tsubaki Nakashima, a leading manufacturer of precision plastic ball/bead products and contract manufacturing solutions for medical device OEM’s, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Rispa Srl an Italian medical device plastic resin molding manufacturer from Mirandola Italy through its group company TN ITALY, S.P.A., on June 30, 2023.  

To enhance the growth of our "medical device business" - a key component of our growth strategy - Tsubaki Nakashima acquired a molding manufacturer that possesses robust development technology and significant growth potential. This strategic move will enable our company to incorporate their technical expertise and sales channels in the United States and Europe, allowing us to design and manufacture molds and produce devices globally to meet our customer’s needs. 
At Tsubaki Nakashima - Medical Division, we strive to provide exceptional value to our medical device customers through a comprehensive range of services. These services now include advanced mold design with cycle time optimization, automation, class 7 and 8 clean room injection molding, clean room design, 100% quality inspection and assembly in the United States and Europe. By offering these capabilities, we aim to meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring the highest quality standards and efficient production processes, along with the support on development and optimization of injection molding processes. Our commitment to delivering these unique services underscores our dedication to supporting the success of our medical device customers and enabling them to bring innovative products to market with confidence. 

"We are thrilled to introduce our enhanced capabilities of Rispa’s advanced mold design, process innovation and strategic manufacturing location as OEMs consider new options to improve their supply chains," said Mitch Odahowski, Head of New Business Development at Tsubaki Nakashima Medical Division. "These advancements reflect our dedication to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving requirements of the medical industry. With our trusted expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and unwavering commitment to quality, we continue to be the supplier of choice for OEMs worldwide."  

Experience, Reliability, and Speed: With a proven track record of over three decades serving Blue Chip OEMs, Tsubaki Nakashima - Medical Division has built a reputation for experience tested reliability and focused precision. The company's integrated robotics and automation solutions enable high-volume production with exceptional performances, meeting the demanding needs of the medical industry. 

Tsubaki Nakashima Medical Division remains committed to providing scalable, reliable, and regulatory-compliant products that contribute to the advancement of medical technology and patient care. For more information on Tsubaki Nakashima's extensive capabilities, please visit:  


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