At Medica Conference, Admetec to Showcase Lightweight Ergonomic Loupes and Headlight Systems for Surgeons and Assistants


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At Medica Conference, Admetec to Showcase Lightweight Ergonomic Loupes and Headlight Systems for Surgeons and Assistants

Designed to prevent posture-related pain and injuries, company’s lightweight solutions include Ergo series of loupes and Flamingo combo camera+headlight system.

Haifa, Israel – Admetec, a leader in designing and manufacturing custom-fitted magnification loupes and LED headlights for surgeons, dentists and other medical practitioners, will be showcasing a variety of its lightweight loupes and headlight solutions at Medica, November 13-16 in Düsseldorf, Germany. At Hall 10, Stand B12, the company will highlight solutions that help surgeons and assistants prevent pain and injuries resulting from maintaining unnatural body positions during long operatory procedures – especially with unnecessarily heavy headwear.

Per a 2019 study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), more than 80% of surgeons have suffered work-related injury or illness due to sustaining awkward or static positions through lengthy operations. The resulting pain or physical ailments can lead to decreased production, and can even threaten career longevity.

For surgeons, posture can play an enormous role in injury prevention. For example, for every inch that the head moves forward in space, the relative weight on the spine increases by 10 pounds, increasing demand on the joints supporting the head. This is only exacerbated with overly heavy headwear.

To that end, among the loupes solutions showcased by Admetec at Medica will be its Ergo series – the first truly ergonomic, custom-designed loupes that work with the body’s biomechanical design. The lightweight vision enlargement solution has been recognized as a highly valuable tool for clinicians, enabling them to work more effectively while reducing the risk of occupational chronic pain and long-term injury caused by cumulative trauma.

The Ergo series are lightweight through-the-lens (TTL) deflection loupes enabling a real declination angle of up to 60 degrees. Ergo provides a more natural way to work, eliminating the need for head inclination thus reducing the load on the cervical spine and stress on the musculoskeletal system. The benefits are also progressive: using Ergo loupes intuitively and subconsciously train clinicians to maintain correct head positioning and posture, protecting the health and wellbeing of practitioners over time. The loupes are available in six levels of magnification: 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7.5x and 10x.

Lightweight Camera+Headlight System

Also at Medica, Admetec will showcase its recently introduced lightweight HD camera and headlight system. The Flamingo system offers modern tech and ergonomic-friendly positioning without excess weight or cumbersome extra wires. The battery-powered system allows simple, real-time recording applicable to a variety of common scenarios, including instructions for colleagues or classes and performance self-appraisals; this makes the Flamingo system valuable even in operations where internal cameras are utilized. HD video can be streamed via Wi-Fi, and screenshots can be taken for real-time documentation.

Crucial to surgeons is what the Flamingo lacks: heft. Since the instrument is designed to be worn for substantial stretches of work, Admetec engineered the solution to be as lightweight as possible. Doing so meant forgoing flashy-yet-unnecessary features such as autofocus, which adds weight despite its limited usefulness in a working environment where distances are typically stable.

Of course, proper light is also critical, both for crisper focusing and attaining quality images. Because the Flamingo’s headlight is integrated with its camera, the light beam remains focused precisely on what its user is filming. This wearable setup also prevents users from obstructing their own light, as frequently occurs with traditional operatory lighting.


About Admetec                  

Admetec designs, develops, and manufactures custom-designed, handcrafted magnifying loupes and LED headlights for surgeons, dentists veterinarians, and others for whom precision vision is crucial. Combining high-quality materials with user-centric development, the company's loupes and lights are known for being exceptionally lightweight and designed for usability and ergonomics.

Based in Haifa, Israel, Admetec's team of design engineers, manufacturing specialists and customer experience managers create solutions for clear, magnified views allowing practitioners to work effectively and in comfort. In doing so, the company bolsters practitioners’ patient care capabilities, while minimizing aches and pains and preventing long-term physical damage that cuts short the careers of too many dedicated healthcare providers.

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