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Visitors of MEDICA 2018 – curious for exciting innovations

Image: Kashif; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Mr. Kashif from Pakistan is a guest at MEDICA for the first time and is particularly interested in surgery instruments. He is enthusiastic about the good management and the service at the trade fair: "The guides of the trade fair overcome possible language barriers. That's great with such an international audience".
Image: Lea Scharr; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Lea Scharr from health.on visits MEDICA in Düsseldorf for the first time. In her search for new products and innovations, she was particularly impressed by an exhibited 3D printer that can print models of organs. "I've only seen something like this on TV before, it was really exciting." Would she like to come back? "Yes, I'll definitely be back next year."
Image: Giuliano Araújo; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
The Brazilian Giuliano Araújo travelled to Düsseldorf because of the many diagnostic apparatuses on display. "A lot is offered here. I am particularly interested in prenatal diagnostics. I've seen a special quick test for haemoglobin, which is not yet available in Brazil. The way has already been worth it."
Image: from left to right: Steve Mitchell, Edward Wright; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
"We are here to visit our customers who exhibit here. But of course also to get to know new customers. We like the atmosphere and the good navigation through the fair very much. There's just so much to see. Maybe we'll even have our own stand soon," say Steve Mitchell and Edward Wright from England.
Image: from left to right: Jasmin Hagedorn, Andrea Hoeps; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Jasmin Hagedorn and Andrea Hoeps are visiting as representatives of the special team for medicine of the Sparkasse Düren. They are looking for innovative products that are of particular interest to their customers, such as doctors and pharmacies. "All companies in the industry are represented here, very comprehensively and internationally. In addition one sees in such a way also times directly, where the well-known products come from.
Image: Svetlana Anishchenko; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Svetlana Anishchenko has been coming to Düsseldorf for MEDICA for many years to inform herself about new medical devices, analysis techniques and products. What to expect this year? "A fisherman can never know what he's catching, I'll just let it come to me. There's plenty to discover."
Image: Andreas Trappe; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Andreas Trappe is a regular visitor to MEDICA. He is very interested in the medical sector and the latest innovations in the industry, particularly in the field of gynaecology. In three words, MEDICA for him is "pleasing, informative, good".
Image: from left to right: Dr. Yan Herman, Banter Setyaki; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Since 1997, Yan Herman and Banter Setyaki have been travelling from Indonesia to visit MEDICA and meet dealers. In addition, it is always a great opportunity to meet colleagues who are spread all over the world by the size of the company.
Image: from left to right: Yalin Zhaw, Yong Xia ; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Originally from China, the two students Yalin Zhaw and Yong Xia are currently studying in Germany. In order to obtain practical application examples for the theory, the two visit MEDICA today. Xia: "In addition to the practice, I would also like to meet exhibitors of CT and MRT equipment. Maybe there will be the opportunity for an internship or career entry".
Image: Arthur F. Wong; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Arthur F. Wong from Hong Kong is at MEDICA for the first time. He and his company TFE sell products especially for elderly people to make their everyday life easier and more mobile. He is looking for new products at the trade fair.