New contacts, impressions and ideas - Exhibitor voices 2018 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

New contacts, impressions and ideas - Exhibitor voices 2018

Image: Silke Wendt and Dr.-Ing Andreas Keibel; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
The KUKA team is now exhibiting at MEDICA for the third time. The big goal is to make the company and its products even better known in the robotics sector and to get to know future customers. "We can best achieve this goal at MEDICA thanks to its internationality. Everyone can meet here."
Image:Thomas Derfuss; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
In order to find new sales partners and expand his sales network, Thomas Derfuss has been coming to MEDICA for over 10 years now. Here he can meet partners from all over the world again and make new contacts. This year's trend topic for him is data management and, in the longer term, artificial intelligence.
Image: Phillip OngT.T; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
Phillip OngT.T and his team travelled from Malaysia to MEDICA for the first time. He is mainly looking for potential customers and new business partners. For him, the medical industry is an industry that is growing faster and faster and in which you always have to keep up to date. That's why he definitely wants to come back next year.
Image: Kari Neil and Anton Namolovan; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
Kari Neil and Anton Namolovan from Canada have already collected many leads and made many new contacts. "We have yet to find out whether this is a successful trade fair for us. If so, we will definitely come back. MEDICA is enormously large and simply super."
Image: Belén Sánchez; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
"MEDICA is a very special fair in Europe, not only because of its size, but also because of the diversity it offers. We are here on the one hand to find many new contacts and on the other hand to expand further. The foundation can be laid here by the many colleagues from the industry," says Belén Sanchez from Spain.
Image: Dr. Claudia Romoli; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
Dr. Claudia Romoli has often exhibited at MEDICA. How often she can no longer count. She wants to meet many customers and suppliers at the fair. She also came here to meet regular customers from all over the world. The fair in three words? "Organised, clear, productive".
Image: Yunus Emre Şeker and Tolga Ural; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
So far the fair for Yunus Emre Şeker and Tolga Ural from the manufactory Hakerman from Turkey is going quite well. Their goal is to enter the global market with their products. "Here are all suppliers, producers, distributors and also final customers of the industry on the way, there we may not be missing, if we want to stretch our net further.
Image: Frida Göranson, Åke Björkman and Elisabeth Landström; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
The team around Åke Björkman is an exhibition veteran. He has been an exhibitor at MEDICA for 25 years and therefore knows the whole history and development of the fair. He is particularly pleased to meet his team, customers and colleagues from all over the world every year. And where is the trend going? "Age plays an important role. I think geriatric medicine is the trend in the industry."
Image: Jan Pipek and Veronika Holanová ; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
The KLARO team has been coming here for 11 years to find new contacts and new representatives throughout Europe. MEDICA is the only fair in the industry that is really interesting for them. "This year we got an even better stand than the years before. We are really very satisfied. We have achieved our goal for the fair".
Image: Hassan Ghosn; Copyright: beta-web/Petig
"For us, MEDICA is not only the most important trade fair in Europe, but also our most important marketing tool. Here we meet our customers directly and can present ourselves ideally. It is also very well organised and the service is excellent. Not all trade fairs in Europe offer this," says Hassan Ghosn from Spain.