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Diagnosis in rapid succession: point-of-care tests

Image: sciReader FL2: Fluorescence Reader; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

The sciReader FL2: Fluorescence Reader from Scenion is a software that not only performs for different types of analyses, such as DNA, protein-multiparameter, autoimmune infectious diseases or cancer, but can also export the results into different file formats and databases. Furthermore, it can be integrated into robot platforms & LIMS / HIS and is therefore multifunctional and space-saving.

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Image: ALTA Rapid Test Reader; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

ALTA Rapid Test Reader RTR-1 from CTK Biotech is specifically designed to measure and interpret lateral flow immunoassay test results. The reader provides test results through a visual readout on its screen and stores 1,000 results, which can be printed from memory or exported with a USB drive or computer.

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Image: qLABs Hand-Held ElectroMeter with Wireless; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

The qLABs Hand-Held ElectroMeter is a rapid blood test from MICROPOINT that provides real-time, lab-quality blood results after only two to seven minutes. It can be performed by patients themselves at home.

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Image: Lactate Scout 4; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

EKF Diagnostics presents the Lactate Scout 4 this year. This hand-held lactate analyzer was developed for the use in sports medicine - especially athletes use this measurement. With integrated step test function and Bluetooth connectivity, it is the simplest and most advanced lactate meter in the market.

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Image: H50 Hematology Analyzer; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

The H50 Hematology-Analzer from Edan is designed for comprehensive blood analysis and not only features innovative technology and ease of use, but also minimizes the use of reagents. Compact and small, it also saves space.

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Image: Lu-mini; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

Lu-mini is the name of the robust USB-powered single-tube luminometer - it accepts different tube sizes directly without adapter and has a wealth of versatile software features for assay and protocol performance. This makes it ideally suited for research laboratories at universities and start-up assay development companies.

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Image: i15 Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

The new i15 Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer was designed specifically for the critical area. The device performs a flexible panel test with only one disposable cartridge, making patient monitoring faster and more effective.

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Image: Eveline Smart Fertility System; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

Some health problems only affect women, such as irregularities before, during or after a pregnancy. The Eveline Smart Fertility System uses a simple, discrete clip-on attachment for the smartphone to hold test strips in front of the camera, where the associated app can automatically measure fertility with pinpoint accuracy.

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Image: NutriSMART-Test; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

Flatulence, fatigue, headaches, sleep disorders: These can all be signs of food intolerance. The NutriSMART test determines whether you are really allergic to a food. Based on the test results, the device also provides tips to alleviate the symptoms.

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Image: Eurolyser CUBE; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

The Eurolyser CUBE is very small, but its analysis results can be compared with those of large, fully automated laboratory machines. With its Android app specially developed for medical technology, it is the perfect solution for laboratories, doctors and patients who do not want to waste time.

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