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Researchers: Too much information can be a good thing


In the world of health care, the phrase "too much information" – or TMI – can be a serious problem. If you Google "How to prevent cancer," for example, you will find list after list of websites claiming to have the winning strategy, with some plans presenting 20-30 steps.
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Image: Illustration of the Drosophila synaptonemal complex; Copyright: Ryan Kramer

Marriage of microscopy techniques reveals 3-D structure of critical protein complex


Researchers at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research have solved the three-dimensional structure of a complex that is essential for the correct sorting of chromosomes into eggs and sperm during reproductive cell division or meiosis.
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Improving ICU care and communication through technology use


Hospitalization in an intensive care unit (ICU) can be a frightening and sometimes traumatizing experience for patients. Although engaging the patient and improving communication among the clinical team can positively impact care and the patient experience, the ICU environment can be a challenging place to engage patients.
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Critical need for standardized organ donation metrics


Across the country, there are 58 Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO), which are responsible for recovering and distributing organs and tissues for life-saving and life-enhancing transplants. Each OPO is designated to serve a specific geographic area and works with the transplant centers in their area to match donors with recipients.
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