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Telehealthcare: networking brings relief

Interview with Florian Lupfer-Kusenberg, CEO, Tunstall GmbH

Nowadays, everyone has access to his stored data and is able to work with them on different devices – thanks to the cloud. By now, online data storage plays a role in medicine as well: patient data can be collected digitally and centrally, authorized personnel can access it to make the fastest and best patient care possible.


Photo: Smiling man with suit and brown hair - Florian Lupfer-Kusenberg; Copyright: Tunstall GmbH

Florian Lupfer-Kusenberg; ©Tunstall GmbH

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Patients are easier able to keep in touch with their physicians using mobile devices. Telehealthcare is relieving physicians and staff, promotes independence and quality of life of chronically ill patients and reduces the cost pressure on the health system; © szefei

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

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