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04/18/2018: Bypass from the laboratory


Topic of the Month: Hospitalar and Meditech: South America's medical technology trade fairs; Interview: Tissue engineering: how to grow a bypass; News: Eating more fish could prevent Parkinson's disease; News: Cancer: Tumor transition states; News: Cancer drug observed at work; News: European Immunization Week 2018 – the right to be protected or the duty to protect?
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04/18/2018: Hospital logistics: between numbers, data and products


Topic of the Month: Brazil and Colombia; Video: Hospital logistics; News: Mother's depression might do the same to her child's IQ; News: Basel researchers succeed in cultivating cartilage from stem cells; News: Injecting gene cocktail into mouse pancreas leads to humanlike tumors
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04/11/2018: Artificial intelligence in skin cancer diagnostics


Topic of the Month: Medical technology in South America; Interview: Artificial intelligence in skin cancer diagnostics; News: Efficient genetic modification of immune cells; News: TrueBrainConnect: predicting brain disorders; News: Attention deficit disorders stem from impaired brain coordination?
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04/04/2018: Medical technology in South America


Topic of the Month: Medical technology in South America; News: Gene therapy may help brain heal from stroke, other injuries; News: Surgeons transform static 'Mona Lisa' smiles to joyous ones; News: UMD researcher uncovers protein used to outsmart the human immune system; News: Haemophiliacs and their treatment – danger signals involved in immune response against factor-VIII
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03/28/2018: How Virtual Reality changes learning


Topic of the Month: Personalized cancer vaccine; Interview: VR Lab for medical students; News: Obesity surgery prevents severe chronic kidney disease and kidney failure; News: Pushing screening of ovarian and endometrial cancers one step further; News: Antioxidants and amino acids could play role in the treatment of psychosis
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03/21/2018: Tailor-made tumor therapy thanks to epigenetics


Topic of the Month: Personalized cancer medicine; News: Research project on dangerous hospital germ extended; News: Mapping a genetic risk; News: WSU researchers see gene influencing performance of sleep-deprived people; News: New method manages and stores data from millions of nerve cells - in real time
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03/14/2018: Automatic diagnosis: How algorithms support radiology


Topic of the Month: Personalized cancer medicine; Interview: Radiology; News: New insights into why patients have a higher risk of heart attack in the morning; News: Canadian researchers open a new front in the fight against MS; News: Hepatitis B: a new strategy for eliminating mother-to-child transmission
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03/07/2018: Tailor-made and targeted: personalized cancer therapy


Topic of the Month: Personalized Medicine; Video: Surgical navigation systems; News: Blocking a protein could improve the effectiveness of intravascular cellular 'policing'; News: Daffodils to fight against cancer; News: Minimising risks of transplants
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02/28/2018: Tumor cells freed from gravity - drug research on the ISS


Topic of the Month: Hospital logistics: guarantor of quality and efficiency; Interview: Cells in space – extraterrestrial approaches in cancer research; News: Bacteria-eaters to prevent food poisoning? Phages eliminate Yersinia from food; News: There may be a better way to reduce hospital readmission rates; News: New study suggests hormone therapy helps reduce curvature of the spine
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02/21/2018: How the genes are protected from stress


Topic of the Month: Eye on material flow: network solutions for hospital logistics; News: New treatment strategies for chronic kidney disease from the animal kingdom; News: Amyloid protein transmission through neurosurgery; News: Can our genes help predict how women respond to ovarian cancer treatment?; News: TSRI scientists find key proteins control risk of osteoarthritis during aging
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