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Electrical Stimulation: Using Electrical Pulses to Combat Blindness

Interview with Prof. Bernhard A. Sabel, Institute of Medical Psychology, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany


Bild: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sabel; Copyright: savir-center.com

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sabel has realized, that the eyesight can be improved thorugh electrical stimulation; © savir-center.com

Image: Closed eyes of a patient. Electrodes are attached above the eyebrows; Copyright: savir-center.com

Light electrical impulses are sent through two electrodes, which are located above the eyes. The impulses are very light, so that they are barley felt; © savir-center.com

Image: A man, who is wearing a cap with EEG-electrodes. Other electrodes are attached on his face over and under his closed eyes; Copyright: savir-center.com

Two electrodes are being attached on the forehead and beside the eye. At the same time brainwaves are measured through a cap with EEG-electrodes; © savir-center.com

Image: The image shows a depiction of visual fields before and after the treatment; copyright: savir-center.com

The visual fields show, how well a patient can see small points of light. White areas illustrate full vision, black areas no vision and grey areas illustrate fields with restricted functions. The red circles signify the regions, that have improved; © savir-center.com