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Digital pathology: From microscope slide to virtual microscopy

The digitization of medicine moves on. Researchers, physicians and patients equally benefit from this development – thanks to improved diagnostics with highly sensitive devices, today findings can be comprehensively analyzed and treatment decisions made on a broadened basis. Digitization also offers the area of pathology interesting fields of application.


Photo: Man working with microscope © luchschen

Virtual microscopy facilitates the workflow of pathologists. It presupposes that the histological specimens is available in digital form, so that they were scanned with a scanner; ©

Automated capture technique and the data storage capacity challenge

Photo: Server Room ©

The digital data storage allows access to all desired scans or patient reports. A comparison of scans with archive images is possible at any time, but at the moment images need very much storage volume; ©

Economizing sequences

Photo: histopathological picture of a thyroid

The slide scanner automatically scans and digitizes colored tissue sections. Several levels of a sample can be detected, so that all dimension of a tissue can be examined. In this case, you see the tissue section of the thyroid; © Dr. Lange

Photo: Melanie Günther; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann