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Data protection: Can medical research be anonymized?

Interview with Prof. Klaus Pommerening, Spokesperson of the Data Protection Committee, TMF - Technology and Method Platform for Networked Medical Research

Electronic health records, telemedicine, cloud computing and big data: questions about data protection appear everywhere in digitized health care. Yet what do things look like far away from application at the foundations of medicine? Can patient data and personal rights in research be protected when several centers and numerous researchers participate in studies?


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Prof. Klaus Pommerening; ©privat

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The general organizational environment and the cooperation of all involved parties govern in the end, what the data protection concept has to look like; © 3dkombinat

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All personally identifiable information for a patient is deleted in medical research. Aditionally, all data needs to be edited that allows the indirect identification of a person; © dolgachov

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Data protection is becoming more and more difficult since more and more data is created; © editorialz

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