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Background Reports

Overview: Background Reports

MEDICA LABMED FORUM première: Experts in the fields of diagnostics, clinics and medical technology to present latest trends


Laboratory medicine, molecular pathology, microbiology, medical technology and life sciences are regarded as drivers of innovation, which by themselves or combined are able to generate new impulses in the fields of diagnostics and treatments for specific problems.
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Bring yourself up-to-date in infection prevention - the first MEDICA ACADEMY offers the latest expertise and practical tips on implementation for hospital and practice scenarios.


Imaging, hygiene, surgical procedures, preventing overcharging for care, insufficient or unnecessary care or procedures in GP practices and medical innovations - these are just a few of the topics that MEDICA ACADEMY will focus on. This interdisciplinary further education event will premier as part of the MEDICA program this year.
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The digital revolution in medicine is taking place right now - MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM highlights the opportunities and prospects for doctors and patients


“Izzy is your friend. She understands you and helps you to be prepared by keeping track of your menstrual cycle”: this is what you’ll find if you type “Izzyperiod” into the Facebook search box. It has already been shared over a thousand times and gleaned over 750 comments before the end of August. If Izzy was a person, this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary: but Izzy is, in fact, a chatbot.
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MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE focusing on the future of individualised sports medicine


Elite and recreational sports, exercise programs in healthcare, and prevention and rehabilitation: individualisation in all is the future. Patients and people who are active and do sports are as varied as the general population is – and every single person wants to get the support and help they need and require, and are capable of.
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Wearables are revolutionising classic medicine – MEDICA 2017 to focus on current trends


The resounding success of health-promoting smart gadgets for private use has been outshone by another no less important development: Wearables are steadily advancing into many fields of professional healthcare. They are essential to the digital revolution that is also changing the field of medicine.
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