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Artificial pancreas: an (almost) automated diabetes treatment?

Interview with Prof. Christoph Stettler, Medical Director and Chief of Staff, Bern University Hospital for Diabetology, Endocrinology, Nutritional Medicine & Metabolism (UDEM), (Inselspital)


Photo: Smiling man with suit and tie - Prof. Christoph Stettler; Copyright: Tanja Laeser/Inselspital

Prof. Christoph Stettler; ©Tanja Laeser/Inselspital

Photo: Products and devices that patients need to treat their diabetes; Copyright: MihaPstock

Measuring, injecting insuline, noting values, estimating carbohydrates and carrying an emergy set with glucagon at all times: This is how complicated the self-treatment of diabetes is. An artificial pancreas could help here; © MihaPstock

Photo: Woman takes a picture of a meal on a plate; Copyright: Vvoennyy

Many people are already taking pictures of their meals anyway. Using the app from the "GoCARB" project, diabetics can jump on this bandwagon to estimate carbohydrates contained in a meal; © Valery Vvoennyy

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann