"The immunosensory system goes beyond the actual immune cells" -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Immunology: "The immunosensory system goes beyond the actual immune cells"

Interview with Prof. Gunther Hartmann

It guards the body but can become its enemy: the immune system defends us from intruding pathogens; it is also able to cause severe diseases if it falsely recognizes the body itself as a threat. Molecular receptors in the whole body enable the immune system to "sense" what happens within.


Photo: Gunther Hartmann

Prof. Gunther Hartmann; ©private

Photo: nervous system

The receptors of the immune system are present in the whole body. It is connected to the neural system as well, its information is analyzed in the immune organs; © panthermedia.net/Shubhangi Kene

Photo: Antibodies und bacterium

Receptors are in the center of the research. They distinguish foreign and endoge-
nous molecules in the body. They collect information about possible threats and intruding pathogens; © panthermedia.net/Sebastian Kaulitzki

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann