"The Virus Manipulates the Host Cell on Different Levels" -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Contagious Heart Disease: "The virus manipulates the host cell on different levels"

Interview with Prof. Guiscard Seebohm

Heart diseases can be triggered by special viruses that affect the cardiac muscle. Preventive drugs could definitely be developed – if the virus does not mutate.


Photo: Prof. Guiscard Seebohm

Prof. Guiscard Seebohm in front of a electrophysiological patch clamp measurement stand; © private

Photo: Immunostaining

Immunostaining of the properly locatlized KCNQ1 channel of the cardiac muscle cell of a house mouse. The correct localization of this channel clearly determines the affinity for developing potentially deadly arrhythmias. This important, clear order is destroyed by the CVB3 virus; © UK Münster

Photo: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann